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Monster Truck Trials Controls

Drive your monster truck with the arrow keys and press the spacebar for an added nitro boost. Test drive through various challenges - but be sure to avoid bad landings. Break speed and height records, or just try to complete as many levels as you can in this monster truck stunt game.

  • Rating: 4.38/5

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Monster Truck Trials Walkthrough

Monster Truck Trials is an awesome stunt game where you'll compete in extreme events. These stunts can range from making a long jump with your truck to seeing how many flips you can do, but each and every event is a lot of fun.

As you play Monster Truck Trials more and more, you'll be able to set highscores - and eventually beat them. Each event may take a little while to get used to, but you'll definitely be playing this racing game more than once. There are five events total to play through, so it doesn't take long to complete this game - but it does take a little while to get good at it.

The long jump event, for instance, takes tricky handling and a whole lot of nitro. You can use the nitro boost by pressing the spacebar, but you'll have a limited amount to use. Since each event is timed, you'll be able to compete for as long as you'd like - but if you use up your nitro all at once, you'll only get a few good attempts. Other events, like the last event, don't take any nitro at all - so it doesn't really come into question.

Overall, Monster Truck Trials is a fantastic racing game that takes a lot of skill. The graphics are clear, the gameplay is short and sweet, and the replayability makes it all worth playing in the first place. If you're looking for a definitive racing game challenge, this is it - and you'll have fun along the way.