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Mo'bike 2! Controls

Customize your bike and point and click with your mouse to race. Drag sliders to accelerate or reverse, and before each level starts, adjust with height of ramps with your mouse as well. Although every level is immensely difficult, none of them are impossible.

  • Rating: 4.15/5

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Mo'bike 2! Walkthrough

Mo'bike 2 is a fantastic sequel that every racing fan needs to check out. There aren't any laps, or racetracks, or time limits - instead, this racing game is all about stunts. There are five levels to choose from; each one presents a unique challenge. Some may be harder than others, but they'll all take a lot of skill.

Right from the start, you'll be able to select and customize one of the three bikes available. Each one has unique stats, and you can select a custom paint job as well. After selecting and painting your bike, you'll finally be able to start playing the game. Instead of using the arrow keys to steer or accelerate, Mo'bike 2 utilizes drag-and-drop mouse controls. To move forward, you'll have to drag the slider on the bottom part of the screen.

But, before you even start to drive, it's important to calibrate your take off ramp. In most cases, the default position isn't going to work - so change it right off the bat to something that (hopefully) works. Once you start dragging the acceleration slider, you won't be able to stop - so when you start driving, it's best to give it your all.

Depending on which stunt you're trying to pass, you'll either have to go extremely fast, or not very fast at all. Sometimes, accelerating too fast right from the get go can flip your bike, while going to slow won't get you over any jump. Like every other racing game, you'll be able to see your highscores after you successfully complete a level (or get a gameover).

Overall, Mo'bike 2 is a fun racing game with an interesting take on controls. If you're tired of playing the same game over and over, consider Mo'bike 2; it's not just your standard game. With five very difficult - but fun - levels, it's one flash game worth playing.