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Mining Truck Controls

W moves forward, S moves backwards, left and right tilt the vehicle's balance.

  • Rating: 4.42/5

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Mining Truck Walkthrough

In the driving game Mining Truck, you are charged with moving an unnamed mineral of unusual color from point A to point B without spilling it everywhere. Sounds easy right? Nope. The safety inspector clearly had a massive heart-attack upon seeing just how treacherous the area was and it was left unfixed.

Using the mining truck, you have to transport the ores carefully but speedily from one end of the stage to another. The road however is littered with obstacles, pitfalls, and so on. At the start of the stage, the conveyer belt will drop the minerals into the back of the truck, after that, the physics engine becomes your worst enemy.

Mining Truck is a physics skill game, meaning that anything that can go wrong will go wrong if everything is just right. Long leaps, sudden breaks, and doing a 360 flip mid-air are just some of the ways you can spill your cargo if you don't somehow catch it, any minerals that fall out of the bed cannot be put back in at all and are a lost cause. There is a minimum quota of how many you need to transport in a single run from start to finish displayed at the top-right of the screen of the screen. This is based on the individual minerals, and not their size, so don't worry about the massive blocks having a major impact on your score.

If you meet the quota, you can advance to the next level. Your score is based on your time remaining and how many of the minerals you have.