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Mini Nitros Controls

Arrows steer, spacebar gets the nitro moving

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Mini Nitros Walkthrough

Ever wanted to paint a British sign on your car and fill it with nitro? Well maybe the nitro part but now you can. Mini Nitros is a racing game where you're against the clock on four different tracks , three of which have shortcuts and many routes you can take that will make or break your time.

In the Workshop option you can reach by selecting Tuning after a race, you can allocate the points available to your car from 1-7, with higher numbers being better. You have 22 points to distribute however you please, so try different combinations and shoot for the best time.

When you do a race once, a ghost of your car showing your best time will appear on the screen, taking the same exact route your best time accomplished, allowing you to race against it and see where you went wrong the last time.