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Micro Racers 2 Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake using the down arrow key. Steer left using the left arrow key. Steer right using the down arrow key. Activate nitro boost using 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.43/5

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Micro Racers 2 Walkthrough

Micro Racers 2 is an addictive and entertaining racing game that will keep you playing game after game. With three exciting game modes to cheer from, decent graphics and challenging races, there is more than enough to keep any racing game fan, regardless of skill or experience level, hooked from the very first race. While this one might be a bit on the easy side for experienced racing game fans they'll still have fun with it, even if just as a light and fun way to kill a little time. Newcomers will probably have a bit of trouble getting the hang of controlling their car but will improve as they play, strengthening their racing skills and preparing for some of the harder racing games online.

Challenge Mode in Micro Racers 2 offers you a quick gaming experience that will test your skills on a track of your choosing as you attempt to come in first place. There are no levels to beat and no goals you need to reach in order to advance. With all that said, Challenge Mode is definitely the mode to choose if you're just looking for a fun, quick and easy game to kill a few minutes with. It's great for newcomers to the racing game genre and more experienced players alike.

Championship Mode in Micro Racers 2 is definitely the most involved game mode this game has to offer. In Championship Mode, you are once again racing around a track to try to come in first, but there is a bigger over all goal. Beat all of the races to come out on top and win the championship. In order to do that, you will need to win every single race you enter. For example, you will only be able to move on to the second race if you beat the first. Championship Mode is great for more experienced players looking for a little something extra out of the game. Newcomers are definitely going to struggle with it though. If you're racing skills leave a lot to be desired, I would recommend playing a few races in Challenge or Trial Mode first to build up experience with the game before tackling the championship.

Trial Mode in Micro Racers 2 is ideal for the newcomers who are having trouble picking up how to keep their cars under control. It gives you the chance to get used to taking your car around the track without the pressure of knowing you only win by coming in first. It's sort of like the rehearsal mode. There are no other cars on the track in Trial Mode and you have access to all of the different tracks to practice on. Remember though, since there are no tracks, trial mode can't completely prepare you for what you'll face in the actual races. It really just gives you an idea of what you need to do to control your car and allows you to get a feel for the different tracks. If you're playing in Championship mode and are stuck on one track in particular, try racing that track a few times in Trial mode to get used to the twists and turns.

If you want to do well in Micro Racers 2, regardless of what mode you choose, you need to be careful. The races are challenging and will require you to have at least decent racing skills. If you want to come in first, you will need to drive quickly but carefully. Crashes should, obviously, be avoided as the definitely slow you down. Crash too many times and you can say goodbye to your chances of coming in first. You don't have to race at top speed all of the time. Back off on the accelerator if you need to take a sharp corner. If you don't, you'll lose the track and have to make up the time you lost. Your car is not destroyed by crashing as it would be in many of the other racing games online, but if you crash multiple times your chances of coming in first definitely will be.

Nitro is a great benefit in Micro Racers 2 and the importance of using it shouldn't be ignored. It gives you a great speed boost when you need it, but use it sparingly. Nitro isn't something you have access to throughout the game. It takes time to recharge. Make sure you have it ready when you need it. Using it too often will really do nothing other than reduce the chances it will be ready if you need that extra boost to get you to the home stretch in first. In addition, you need to be weary of the other cars on the track. Make sure you don't focus solely on making it around the turns. The other cars on the track should be seen as obstacles to reaching your goal. Make sure you avoid those obstacles.

Car selection is extremely important in Micro Racers 2. Some of the cars are better all around cars which will be great for newcomers. Other cars really offer more strength in one particular area. Identify your weakness with racing and choose a car that is strongest in that area. For example, if you're not great with handling, look for a car that has a high handling rating. Choosing a car that compliments your strengths and weaknesses as a player is a great way to give yourself a little advantage and will provide you with a little extra help when you're trying to come in first. If you aren't sure what car is best for you, take a few minutes to try them all out in trial mode and make your decision from there.

Overall, Micro Racers 2 is an excellent racing game for newcomers and advanced players alike. While experienced racing game players might find this one a bit easy, they will appreciate the uncomplicated and straightforward approach the game offers. In addition, more experienced players are going to like the challenge Championship Mode offers. Who doesn't enjoy trying to win a championship, after all. Newcomers have ample opportunity to sharpen their racing skills with this game, enabling them to get the experience they need to tackle and even win championship mode but also arming them with the skills they'll need to take on some of the more difficult racing game online. This is a great game any fan of racing games need to try at least once. Make sure you add it to your must-play list and give it a shot.