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Micro Racers Controls

Micro Racers is controlled using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key brakes and reverses, and the left and right arrow keys steer your car. The spacebar is used to activate the nitro boost.

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Micro Racers Walkthrough

Micro Racers is a two-dimensional car racing game. There are three modes to choose from: Championship, Challenge, and Trial. Championship mode is the main mode of the game, where you must complete each race in first place to advance to the next. Challenge mode pits you against three computer-controlled opponents in a single race. Trial mode allows you to practice on a single track and get a feel for the game's controls.

Micro Racers has five tracks to choose from (or to advance through in Championship mode) and five cars to choose from, each with their own characteristics. Every car has the same maximum speed, but some cars have better handling than others, making them easier to control. The nitro property indicates the duration of the nitro boost when activated. Of all of the cars, I advise using the fifth car. This car may be selected by clicking the right arrow on the selection menu four times, or clicking the left arrow once. You'll notice the car that I am referring to because of its maroon color and green stripe. This racer is tied for the best handling statistic, and has the absolute best nitro statistic.

The tracks in Micro Racers do not feature obstacles, powerups, or any other objects to collect or avoid; the focus here is the racing itself, which can still present quite an entertaining challenge. As is the case in many racing games, the computer-controlled cars seem to have an unfair advantage, and rarely bump into the edges of the track, and recover faster than a human player when they do. Luckily for us human players, the computer racers never use their nitro boosts! In order to gain an advantage, try to pass your opponents on the inside of the track, and use your nitro boost on straight sections of the track. Avoid touching the edges of the track because crashing into the rim will slow you down and cancel your nitro boost if it is activated.

Micro Racers offers fast fun for fans of the racing game genre or for players that just have time to spare. This car racing game does not feature an upgrade shop or achievements like many other games, but that adds to its simplistic charm. You are sure to enjoy this colorful racing game!