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Mercedes Drift Controls

Mercedes Drift is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer, the up arrow key is used to accelerate, and the down arrow key is used to brake and reverse. The spacebar key is used to drift.

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Mercedes Drift Walkthrough

Mercedes Drift is a driving game that puts you behind the wheel of a Mercedes CL63 AMG. Mercedes Drift features detailed graphics, realistic sound effects, and tons of fun for fans of drifting games.

Mercedes Drift gives you sixty seconds to cast as much snow into the DriftBoards as you can. You must be careful, however, because if you collide with one of the DriftBoards, your score for that drift will not be counted! At the end of this driving game, your total score will be based on the amount of snow that you cast multiplied by the number of DriftBoards that you cast snow upon. You are rewarded with 1,000 points per one foot of snow that you cast.

Mercedes Drift is a straightforward driving game that is simple to control. Scoring in this drifting game can be a major challenge, however. The first challenge that you must overcome is being able to score without colliding with the DriftBoards if you want to keep your score. In order to prevent colliding with the DriftBoards or other obstacles, it is best to approach each drift below maximum speed. Your speed is indicated by a gauge in the lower-right corner of the game's screen.

Mercedes Drift also features a top-down radar screen in the lower-right corner of the game's interface, to the right of the speed gauge. This radar can be used to tell your position (represented by a blue circle) in comparison to the DriftBoards (represented by white lines). This radar screen does not indicate the curvature of each DriftBoard, however, and you must cast snow upon the convex side of the DriftBoard for it to count towards your score.

Mercedes Drift is a quick and fun driving game that will challenge your reflexes. If you are a fan of high-class Mercedes cars, or drifting games in general, then Mercedes Drift is just the game for you!