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Lil Racerz Controls

If you have played flash based and online racing games before, picking up the controls of Lil Racerz should be a piece of cake for you - it's not at all different from other racing games out there. For the most part, you are going to use your directional keys - (1) use the lef and right keys for steering (2) to accelerate, press the up directional key, and (3) to slow down and go reverse, use the down directional keys. Should you need a sudden speed boost, just tap the space bar button to use a nitro boost. HOWEVER, be careful of those turns when on nitro. You can easily find yourself hitting the 'gutters' if you are not careful.

  • Rating: 2.33/5

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Lil Racerz Walkthrough

The goal in Lil Racerz is plain and simple: just like in most racing games out there, the ultimate goal is to burn rubber in this fast paced racing competition and set the road on fire as you fight for the top prize. If you are looking for racing games where there is wicked drifting coupled with awesome collision physics aling with fast paced rally action game, Lil Racerz is a MUST-check-out game.

Bag the top prize and win cash - use the dough to grab faster and better cars beefed up with nitros and other niceties your average wheels can only dream of having. As for the nitros and powerslides, you better learn how to use them wisely. The way you use your nitro can spell resounding victory or crashing defeat... speed your way to the finish line or smash your car on the concrete walls. Your choice. ?

It's easy to fall in love with racing games like Lil Racerz - (1) comes with nice graphics... definitely better than your average racing games (2) good sound tracks and sound effects (3) a lot of customization options, and those are just to name a few. What options am I talking about? Well, take the tracks for example: all in all, there are 8 of them - from the training track where you get to hone your skills, get familiar with your car's handling needs, all the way to the Blastone - this is the most difficult track of all. It's dusty, fierce, and there's a lot of competition. Only the fast and the furious shall be rewarded. There is no shortage of cars to choose from too - coming with 6 cars to choose from, you are sure to find one that suits your personal preference and driving style. You can pick the Subaru Impreza, which is the most balanced one and comes with a solid engine, smooth handling, and good acceleration. Once you are quite skilled, you can unlock and pick the fast and agile Ford Focus - this one boasts a very fast motor and good traction. And those are just to name some of the cars that you can lay your hands on... if you are good enough.

I believe there's a paid iPhone version of Lil Racerz - that speaks a lot about the games reputation. Apparently, the gamers love it so much and the developers saw a lot of potential in the game that they decided to create a paid version - which is even better. It comes with 17 unique tracks, 4 environments, 9 different unlockable cars beefed up with Turbos, and those are just to name a few. BUT don't take my word for it. Why not try the free version and see for yourself?