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Kart On Controls

If you have played racing games before, playing Kart On should be as easy as pie. The game is played entirely with the keyboard: up arrow key to drive forward and accelerate, down arrow key to slow down and brake, left and right arrow keys for steering. That's the basic part of the controls, let's check out the game.

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Kart On Walkthrough

A flash-based racing game that is as balanced as it could get! The rule to keep in mind is this: ALL of the racers will have the same EXACT car model and specs. There are no upgrades to give you that competitive edge. You won't find any mags and wheels that will make handling a notch or two easier for you. There's no nitro button to give you that sudden speed boost that would leave the competition coughing on your car's smoke and dust. The only thing that would count is your skill... ONLY your skill. If that sounds like a good racing game to play, then Kart On should be on your list!

Now, before we delve deeper into the details, here are some other hot keys you may want to keep in mind: to pause the game (maybe to catch your breath), just hit the ESC button and press it again to resume. To get started with a race, just hit the ENTER key. On the other hand, if you want to check the achievements page and see which ones are up for grabs, all you need to do is press the TAB key. And as for the last hot key, if you want to check how you're doing against the best of racers in this game, press the Space Bar button to bring up the Leadership Board. Well, that's about it. They are not really necessary for the race, BUT they help you bring up and close one window and another very easily.

The Goal Of This Racing Game: If you have played online racing games before, the objective of this game should be very familiar to you. Playing against a bunch of AI racers, you need to take the top spots. That's it! With a panoramic point of view, it can easily get confusing when trying to identify which is your car. To avoid that, you can change your helmet's and car's color. BUT that's the only customization option available for you. As I have mentioned earlier, this racing game has leveled the playing field: the car models, the specs, parts, wheels, chassis, and everything else in between is the same for every racer!

While you can find walkthroughs on Youtube or someplace else, I think it doesn't really make much of a difference. The game still boils down to how you perform on the 6 race tracks that the game showcases.

You have to be consistent in your performance if you want to bag the title of the BEST Kart On racer. Let's have a closer look at the different race tracks that the game has:

After Barn: This level / race track takes you to a peaceful and isolated country side... and the level comes with a catch and jarring background music to complete the experience. Now, relaxing as it may seem, you shouldn't get carried away. The racers you're going up against won't settle for anything less than the first position!

Dry Land: Filled with sleeping sand and rough terrain, are you good enough to smoothly bag the first place in this race track?

As for the others, I'll leave it to you to discover. 6 race tracks, same cars and specs, one goal: be the best Kart On Racer. Do you have what it takes?