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Kart Fighter Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Reverse using the down arrow key. Steer left using the left arrow key. Steer right using the right arrow key. Brake using 'space'.

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Kart Fighter Walkthrough

Kart Fighter is a unique and entertaining racing game with tracks set in some of the world's most famous landmarks. The graphics in this one are excellent and far exceed the standard set by many of the other racing games online. It's obvious a lot of work went into making this game look good. While it is a slick, professional looking game not all the focus was on the graphics. The races can be fairly challenging and with three game play modes to choose from, a variety of settings and tracks. different cars and lots of upgrades, this racing game offers a little something for everyone regardless of experience or skill level. Everyone interested in a fun and challenging racing game will be able to find something that appeals to them.

Time Trial mode in Kart Fighter will basically pit you against yourself in whatever location you choose to race in. There will be no other cars on the track - just you and the twists and turns the track throws at you. You need to get through your laps to complete the race in the fastest possible time and then try to best that time. Time Trial mode is great for racing game fans who like the intensity of a good solid race and like the challenge of trying to continually improve their skills. You start the same way you start with the other two game play modes. You choose the color of your car (use the up and down arrows above and below the image of your car) and the style of your car (use the left and right arrows to the left and the right of the larger car image) and then choosing your country (use the left and right arrows to the left and right of the image of the country) and the track you want (click on one of the pictures below the image of the country) to race on. Your race will begin as soon as you click on one of the tracks, so make sure you're sure you want to race on it before you click it.

Challenge mode in Kart Fighter offers you three distinct options to choose from when you want to begin your challenge. The first challenge is likely the one most racing game fans are going to find most appealing. You start by choosing 'new challenge' and selecting a car color, car style and track the same way you would in Time Trial mode. You'll then race through the track as quickly as possible until you get an end of level time that you're proud of. You can then save that level time and challenge your friends to beat it. You're rewarded with five credits for every friend that accepts your challenge whether they beat you or not. This entire feature is something you don't often see in the world of online racing games and will be a welcome addition for experienced players who want to show off their racing skills. If you don't want to challenge your friends but still want a challenge, you can choose to tackle a random challenge set by other players or take on a challenge you've already saved to try to improve your score.

Career mode in Kart Fighter is where the real fun begins for racing game fans looking to really put their skills to the test. In Career mode, you'll be up against fierce competition as you race an entire season to try to come out on top. For your first race, simply completing the race is enough to move on to the next track. As you progress though, that will change. For example, in order to unlock track three, you need to come in third or better in the second race. That can be fairly difficult to do. This is where upgrades start becoming more important. You can upgrade your wheels, tyres, chassis, gears, engine, and bodywork to improve the performance of your car. You need credits to buy upgrades though - credits you can only earn by challenging friends or completing races. To learn more about how a specific upgrade will help your performance, you simply need to click on that upgrade. The information you need will be shown directly below the list of upgrades. To buy the upgrade, click 'buy'.

Upgrades are important in Kart Fighter as they are in most of the racing games online. Credits accumulate rather slowly so you need to be smart about how you spend them. Look at what you need to improve the most as a player. Wheel, chassis and bodywork upgrades make your car lighter and therefore make it more faster. Tyre upgrades improve your car's handling. Gear and engine upgrades improve your acceleration or top speed. Figure out where you need the most help and choose upgrades that work to improve that weak point. Don't buy an upgrade simply because you have enough credits for it. Instead, complete a few races, even if you don't place high enough to move on, to build up your credits so you can buy the upgrades you actually need. You can access the upgrade store by clicking on 'garage'.

One of the biggest weapons you have in your arsenal in Kart Fighter is the mini-map at the top left corner of the game screen. The mini-map shows you where you are, where your competitors are and more importantly, what the track looks like. If you pay attention to your mini-map, you can see when the twists and turns in the track are coming and prepare for them. Getting caught off guard by a sharp corner you weren't expecting is a great way to lose control of your car which will definitely hurt your time. As with any racing game worth playing, your car isn't destroyed if you crash into things in this game but your hopes of getting a good time or placing in the race definitely will be if you crash into things too often. Crashes slow you down and in a game this fast paced, you just don't have time for that. Watch the mini-map to avoid getting caught off guard and you'll be able to avoid many of those crashes.

Overall, Kart Fighter is an excellent little racing game with great graphics and plenty of options to keep you entertained. Newcomers to the racing game genre are likely going to have a hard time getting the hang of this one right away because you do need some basic racing skills to advance in Career mode. I would recommend starting off with a couple of races in Time Trial mode first. Time Trial mode gives you the chance to get used to how the game is played without the additional pressure of having to reach a specific goal and without the other cars on the track to contend with. Challenge mode is also good for that. Starting out in Career mode is fine for those with a bit more experience, but newcomers should start out with something a little easier to avoid getting completely frustrated with the game. If you're looking for an excellent racing game that will hold your interest and keep you coming back for more, this is definitely a game you should consider.