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Kamikaze Controls

Move right using the right arrow key. Move left using the left arrow key.

  • Rating: 4.75/5

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Kamikaze is proof positive that a game doesn't have to be complicated to be addictive. This game is, quite simply put, one of the best racing games online and it couldn't be any more straight forward. You are in the red car speeding down the freeway. Your brakes are gone. The accelerator is stuck. The only option you have is to dodge cars by swerving to the left or swerving to the right. Your goal? Survive as long as possible and let me tell you, for many players, that isn't very long.

Kamikaze challenges you to think fast above all else. The car you're controlling is fragile, to say the least. If you so much as touch another car or another car so much as touches you, you will crash and your game will end. The challenge is to prevent that happening for as long as possible. Because you only have two options - move left or move right - you absolutely have to pay attention to what is happening on the screen at all times. Lose focus and you could lose the game. You need to know where the other cars are and how close you are to them. Pay attention to the gaps between cars. If you don't think you can fit your car through the gap, look for another way through. Eventually, you will crash and lose the game, but paying attention and thinking fast is how you make sure you have a decent score when that inevitable crash talked place.

The strength in Kamikaze really lies in its simplicity. It's a racing game that anyone can play. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it yet it's still challenging enough that even seasoned racing game players will be able to enjoy it. This game cuts out the clutter that you get with many of the racing games online. There are no upgrades to purchase. There are no complicated level goals to attain. You don't have a time limit or a set distance you need to travel. This is racing games at their simplest base form and that is definitely appealing.

The graphics in Kamikaze are really nothing special but that's just fine. This game doesn't need flashy graphics and complex backgrounds. The challenge the game presents is more than enough to keep you entertained and keep you playing. It's genuinely fun to make it as far as you can and then play again to try to make it further. At the same time, this isn't a game you really need to dedicate a lot of time to. It's quick and easy - great for killing a little time with or great for losing an hour or two in to try to get a high score. It's really up to you. Just don't be surprised if you play longer than you think you will because this one is definitely addictive.

Overall, Kamikaze is a great racing game for newcomers to the racing genre and more experienced players a like. It takes skill and persistence to really do well, but if you have the second, the first will come in time. You learn more with every game you play and as you learn, your skills will improve. Because games are generally very quick - unless you're really good - getting the experience you need to do well doesn't really take all that long. This is an excellent game you'll come back to time and time again.