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KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge Controls

Move forward using the up arrow key. Move back using the down arrow key. Balance forward using the right arrow key. Balance back using the left arrow key. Brake with 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.74/5

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KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge Walkthrough

With two modes of game place - Career and Quick Race - KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge is an excellent truck racing game that offers something for everyone. Although this isn't a truck racing game in the traditional sense of the world, it challenges you to race against your own high score to do the best you can do as you navigate over three different frozen terrain types. Offering the relatively easy 'Snow Mountains', the slightly more difficult 'Frozen Tundra' and the challenging 'Arctic Edge' any player will be able to find a level of difficulty that will suit their abilities. Although advanced players are probably going to find completing the Quick Race game play mode on all three terrain types a bit on the easy side, things get much more difficult in Career Mode when you not only have to try to keep your truck wheel side down but you also have to race against the clock. You'll need to visit the garage and upgrade your truck if you want to get through career mode, but it's worth the effort. You'll have a lot of fun trying to beat all the levels in career mode, even if you can't make it to the very end.

KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge is such an excellent truck racing game simply because anyone can play it. Newcomers to truck racing games can start out with the Quick Races to get used to the courses they'll be faced with in career mode. This gives you the chance to learn how to drive over various obstacles and keep your truck under control. It can be hard for a beginner to be able to keep the truck rubber side down when confronted with many of the obstacles in the terrain; especially in Arctic Edge. Career Mode is a lot of fun but for someone new to this type of game, it might be a bit too challenging. The time limit really makes things a lot more difficult so it's best to tackle Career Mode when you've honed your skills a little bit and have a little more experience with the game under your belt.

For experienced truck racing game players, taking a practice run over the different courses in KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge isn't a bad idea. You might find it all a little simplistic, but once you begin Career Mode, especially the last few levels in Career Mode, you're going to be glad you took the time to practice. Arctic Edge is difficult - a lot more difficult than Snow Mountains and Frozen Tundra. The sudden and dramatic increase in difficulty can catch a lot of players off guard. The best way to prepare is to take a practice run. Learn the course and find those trouble areas. Even if you only run through one quick race in each terrain, you'll at least have a basic idea of how the course feels.

The only downside to practice runs in Quick Race mode in KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge is the fact that you can't unlock new trucks in Quick Race mode. This means you will have to unlock your new trucks in Career Mode. The positive thing here is that once the truck is unlocked, you can use it in Quick Race mode. It's a good idea to try out every new truck you unlock (there are three trucks in total) in Quick Race mode so you can see how they handle. Each truck handles differently, so getting a feel for how it's going to work on the course you're on is a great idea if you want to get through the race. The time limit doesn't really allow you much time to adjust in Career Mode so Quick Race mode is your ideal testing ground. This will also give you a chance to see how you need to upgrade your truck. You can make any modifications you need to make by hitting 'restart' or by choosing 'garage' from the main menu.

Overall, KAMAZ Delivery 2: Arctic Edge is an engrossing and addictive truck racing game that will keep you entertained from beginning to end. Whether you choose to stick to Quick Races or tackle the tougher Career mode, you're going to have a blast with this game. More advanced players are likely going to be able to complete Career mode fairly quickly, but will also have a lot of fun in the process. Newcomers to truck racing games should be able to get through all of the levels in Career mode as well but it'll probably take a little longer. The best way for newcomers to beat this game is to take a little time practicing and to make sure they made appropriate modifications to their trucks. More experienced players may be able to make it through all nine levels without modifying their trucks at all, but newcomers will need those modifications if they want to succeed. This is a great game any fan of truck racing games needs to play at least once.