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Jump Gear 2 Controls

Move forward using the up arrow key. Move backward using the down arrow key. Flip left using the left arrow key. Flip right using the right arrow key. Jump using 'space'. Retry a level or move to the next level at the end of a level using 'space'. Pause the game using any other key on your keyboard.

  • Rating: 4.15/5

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Jump Gear 2 Walkthrough

Jump Gear 2 is an addictive and engrossing racing game unlike any other racing game you've ever played before. Not only is the basic premise behind this game much different from most of the other racing games online, the graphics are much more simple, the backgrounds less complicated and the rules a little more easy to understand. You aren't on a motorcycle or behind the wheel of a race car. In this one, you're a little creature with gears for wheels and while your goal is to make it from the starting line on the left side of the screen to the finish line on the right side of the screen navigating over various obstacles and changing terrain along the way as it is in most racing games, even the way the game is played is different. For experienced players of racing games, the controls are going to be pretty easy to pick up as they're the same arrow key controls that are used in most games in the genre, but actually meeting some of the challenges placed before you in this game might be a bit more difficult. As you progress in the game, things are going to get more challenging with new and unusual problems presented to you in each level that you need to solve. Racing skills aren't going to be enough to make it through this game. You'll need to use logic to try to figure out the best way to conquer some of the more challenging levels and that's what really sets this game apart from the competing games in the genre and is also one of the things that makes this game so addictive.

When you first begin your Jump Gear 2 game, you'll be given the chance to either create your own track or to play on one of the many excellent pre-made tracks available. The pre-made tracks start off fairly easy and allow you the chance to get used to how the game is played but they get much more difficult as the game progresses. Because this isn't a typical racing game, it's a good idea to play through a race or two first to see how the game is played. The controls are standard racing game controls but if you approach this one as you would approach any other racing game, you're going to have a hard time. Unlike most other racing games online, crashing does not necessarily mean your game is over. Instead, you can simply jump and try to get gear side down again on the track. If you get stuck in a spot you can't get out of - which is likely to happen in later levels - you can reset the track and start again from the beginning. This means you won't have to go back to the very beginning of the game and replay all of the levels you've already beaten.

Probably the biggest benefit offered by Jump Gear 2 is the fact that you can create and ride on your own custom track. This is an element that is missing from most of the other racing games online and one that really makes this game more appealing. The fact that you are able to, relatively easily, create your own track that is as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Give the pre-made courses a try first and see how you do. Find out what elements of the pre-made tracks give you the most trouble before you start making a custom track and them try to recreate them in the track you make. This will give you the chance to practice those elements and will help you figure out how to ride over them. This is especially beneficial for newcomers who are having trouble with even the most basic elements of the game. The custom track allows you to make straight lines, curves, ramps and other obstacles in your track as well as dips that are as deep or shallow as you'd like. Because you get your own time limit, you can pretty much take as long as you want to complete your track which makes it perfect for practice. Many newcomers are able to get over all of the obstacles eventually, but find the time limit a bit daunting. Since you can set whatever time limit you want, you have much more control and can give yourself the time you need. Because you're able to put 'save progress' checkpoints anywhere you want throughout the track you create, you have the ability to determine where you start if you fail to complete the track. This is great if you're having a lot of trouble with a specific element as placing a checkpoint before that element will allow you to focus on learning how to approach and conquer it.

More experienced racing game players are going to love Jump Gear 2 for many reasons. First, you have the real challenge and the unique features of the pre-made tracks that will offer experienced players the level of difficulty they are looking for. The game gets steadily more difficult as you progress which prevents the game from getting boring or dull. The basic graphics put the focus in this game where it belongs - on the game itself instead of a fancy or distracting background. For the experienced racing game player it's often hard to find a game that doesn't feel like more of the same - the same premise, the same rules and the same goal - but this game really avoids all of those things even if, at it's core, most of those things are the same. What's important is it doesn't feel that way which is extremely appealing. In addition, advanced players are going to love the chance to create their own tracks because it gives them the chance to make things truly difficult while also allowing them to take all of the elements they love most about the pre-made tracks and put them in their own custom track. For example, if you like the ramps and the dips the most, you can made a track composed entirely of ramps and dips to keep you entertained. You also have more control over the overall theme of the game. If you enjoy riding the tracks more than actually trying to beat the time limit, you can make a longer track with all of the elements you're most fond of. Alternatively, if you find the most enjoyment out of trying to get a high score or beat your own best time, you can create a shorter track with a smaller time limit and challenge yourself to get a better score each time you play.

Overall, Jump Gear 2 is really a racing game that offers something for everyone regardless of skill or experience level. The key to doing well in this game is to understand that it isn't like most of the other racing games online. You'll need to use logic to get through some of the later levels instead of just hitting the track with as much speed as possible. Speed is important if you want to get a good time, but using too much speed over some of the obstacles is a sure way to end up upside down. While you can jump to correct yourself and get back on track having to do so it definitely going to hurt your time. Experienced players are going to love the chance to play a game that doesn't feel like every other racing game they've ever played while newcomers aren't going to find the game to hard they won't be able to keep playing. The option to build your own custom track offers benefits for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. From creating a track that offers a little more challenge than the pre-made tracks to creating a track to help you improve your skills, the create a track mode is a great addition to the game and is really the biggest advantage this game offers over the competition.