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Jump Gear Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Move backward using the down arrow key. Flip forward using the right arrow key. Flip backward using the left arrow key. Jump by pressing 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.41/5

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Jump Gear Walkthrough

Jump Gear is an entertaining and unique racing game that pits you against a wide variety of obstacles and offers a wide variety of power ups as you struggle to get from start to finish before you run out of time. The fact that this racing game is completely different than most of the other games in the genre makes it even more appealing. The biggest benefit this game offers is that it is unique. It isn't a traditional racing game but will still appeal to even the most dedicated racing game fans as well as newcomers to the genre. In addition, the game is actually quite difficult so it offers a challenge experienced players will enjoy without being so hard newcomers will feel overwhelmed to the point they don't want to continue playing. This game isn't just for racing game fans, either. It's just a great game with lots to enjoy for anyone who takes the time to check it out.

The basic premise of Jump Gear is pretty basic. Like most other racing games, your goal is to get from one checkpoint to the next before time runs out. There are a wealth of obstacles standing between you and your goal and navigating around those as well as the rolling hills you'll be driving over offers a decent challenge although not one that can't be conquered with a little skill and a little patience. In this game, though, crashing does not necessarily mean the end of the game. The enemies that pop up along the way won't destroy your vehicle or cause you to crash but will instead serve as more of an inconvenience; slowing you down or sometimes pushing you backwards making it much harder for you to reach the next checkpoint in the time you're given. If you find yourself upside down, which is likely to happen at least once or twice, you can simply jump to get gear side down again. If you're in an especially tough part, you might have to jump a few times, but the jump feature saves you from having to reset or start over from the beginning. Just make sure you move quickly. The more time you spend upside down, the harder it will be for you to reach the next checkpoint in time. Crashing may not mean the end of your game, but it does waste a fair amount of time so make sure you are as careful as you can be so you don't have to worry about it.

The time limit is really going to be your biggest enemy in Jump Gear. The whole goal of the game is to reach as many checkpoints as you can and collect as many points in the process as you can before you run out of time. This is really what sets this game apart from most of the other racing games online in which the goal is only to finish the race in a certain position. When you run out of time your game will be over. As you progress from checkpoint to checkpoint though, it's going to be harder and harder to avoid running out of time. You'll face new obstacles which can be extremely difficult to overcome. Orbs will roll into your path and push you back along the track. Try to jump over them or get under them. They're hard to avoid, but the more you play, the better you'll get. You'll learn through your own mistakes what works and what doesn't for certain obstacles. In this game, there is just no substitute for experience. If you're really having a hard time, watch the walk through. It can help newcomers get a better idea of what's expected of them throughout the game.

Jump Gear is actually a pretty complicated, involved game when compared to most of the other racing games online. The power ups the game offers are great, but those too will take a little getting used to. It isn't simply a matter of collecting them and reaping their benefits. You need to know what they do. AS soon as you collect a power up it will be activated. If you already have an active power up it will be replaced. Sometimes that's a good thing. Other times, you may want to stick with the pwoer up you have. If you don't know what power ups do what, you're going to have a hard time knowing what power ups to collect and what power ups to skip. Again, this is something you'll understand better with experience. It's really a matter of personal preference. some players enjoy the wings power up because it allows them to fly over the track, avoiding any obstacles below to more quickly reach the next checkpoint. Other players prefer the challenge of tackling the obstacles on the track so they choose to avoid the wings power up as often as possible. The tricky part is that some of the power ups are almost needed to help you reach the next check point. This is another advantage to watching the walk through. You get to familiarize yourself with the power ups and see where different powerups are most useful.

Those familiar with the Jump Gear series or those who find they are doing well in the game can focus on getting a high score by collecting stars and performing tricks to boost their scores. Newcomers, on the other hand, may want to focus on collecting the power ups they need and just trying to reach the next checkpoint. Once you're a little more comfortable with the game and have developed your racing game skills a bit more, you can start trying for that high score. The key to successfully performing tricks is to not overshoot your goal. Make sure you have enough time to not only perform the trick but also to securely land that trick before you even attempt it. You'll need to remain securely gear side down for at least two seconds after performing a jump to have it counted as successful and to receive the points for it. Look at the land underneath you as you're landing and start balancing while you're still in there air. You'll have a lot more success with your tricks that way and will be able to rack up a lot of points toward your high score in the process.

Overall, Jump Gear is a complicated yet engrossing racing game that is completely unlike most of the other racing games online. Instead of racing against opponents on a track that twists and turns in front of you, you're racing against the clock on a course full of hills and dips that roll out in front of you. The obstacles in the game aren't always easy to avoid and will definitely make it harder for you to reach your goal. The difficulty level of this game is what makes it so much fun but newcomers beware - it's going to take a little getting used to. It's a good idea for any new players trying out this game for the first time, regardless of their skill or experience level with racing games, to take a little time to play through the tutorial level (accessible through the help menu on the main menu page). The tutorial won't tell you everything you need to know about the game, but it will give you the chance to get a little more familiar with the controls of the game and will give you the basics. If you're a fan of racing games or just good, addictive games in general, Jump Gear is a game you need to play at least once.