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Jet Velocity 2 Controls

Jet Velocity 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. Accelerate by holding the up arrow key. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. Press the spacebar to fire a weapon. The H, J, K and L keys can be used to fire specific weapons. The P key pauses the game.

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Jet Velocity 2 Walkthrough

Jet Velocity 2 is the sequel to the racing game, Jet Velocity. Like its predecessor, Jet Velocity 2 features rendered three-dimensional graphics and high-paced actions. Jet Velocity 2 also adds nine new vehicles and weapons to the gameplay formula.

The objective of Jet Velocity 2 is to complete each race in first place. Completing a race in first, second, or third place unlocks the next track and ship. There are fifteen tracks featured in this racing game. A total of nine vehicles will become available to you as you progress, but you are given a choice of three in the beginning. You must choose your vehicle from the main menu by clicking the "Select Ship" button. Your progress is automatically saved, so any tracks and ships that you have unlocked will be waiting for you the next time that you play this racing game.

If you have played the first Jet Velocity, then you will not have to learn much to control Jet Velocity 2. Hold the up arrow key to accelerate. There is no way to brake, so you will have to release the up arrow key to slow down. The left and right arrow keys steer. If you have collected weapons powerups, pressing the spacebar will fire the first weapon to the left of the ammunition count. If you wish to fire a specific weapon, press the appropriate key as indicated by the weapons counter in the lower-right of the screen. The weapons keys are H, J, K, and L.

Jet Velocity 2 is just as challenging as the first Jet Velocity, but weapons allow you to even the score. The computer-controlled racers do not seem to be capable of using weapons, so you are at an advantage. Weapons do not destroy your opponents in this racing game, but they slow them down temporarily allowing you to catch up or surpass your opponents. Driving over arrows on the track will give you a useful speed boost as well. Finally, slow down on turns to avoid crashing into the walls. Crashing does not damage your vehicle in this racing game, but it does slow you down.

Jet Velocity 2 is a high-paced racing game that is sure to provide a challenge. If you enjoyed the first Jet Velocity or if you are a fan of racing games, then you will love Jet Velocity 2!