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Jam XM Controls

W speeds up, S slows down, A and D steer, arrows can be used in the same fashion, mouse and left mouse button are also an option.

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Jam XM Walkthrough

Based on the freeware game, Jam XM is a top-down racing game that pits you against three other racers, sporting a car that is armed to the teeth with weaponry and speed.

You control the blue car in Jam XM, and can control it with either WASD or the mouse. Using the mouse to control the car provides much smoother handling and leaves a hand free for your weapons. You start with basic weaponry that can be fired, or obstacles you can drop on the road. Be careful about dropping them however, because if none of your opponents trigger them, you'll have to dodge them a second time around.

You can also pick up powerups on the road, which range from a host of effects including a ring of spikes that instantly obliterates any opponent that comes near you, or a nuclear explosion that instantly kills everyone on the same screen as you at the time you pick it up.

Also on the road, and a bit of a rarity in racing games, Jam XM has a handful of shortcuts which stand out very well, as long dirt paths that skip entire portions of the track you're on, giving you an advantage against your opponents. These shortcuts are blocked off by boxes but you can just smash right through them.

Between stages on this racing game, you can upgrade your vehicle or get weapons, or upgrade your current ones. Weapons aren't terribly important but they do help.