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Ion Drift Epsilon Controls

Ion Drift Epsilon is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys accelerate and brake respectively while the left and right arrow keys are used to steer. Optionally, you can click and drag the screen to change the camera angle.

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Ion Drift Epsilon Walkthrough

Ion Drift Epsilon is a futuristic, three-dimensional racing game. This racing game features challenging tracks, two modes of gameplay, and an awesome soundtrack.

In Ion Drift Epsilon, you will race futuristic vehicles against the clock or against AI-controlled opponents. Initially, there are three tracks in this racing game with two races on each. On the race selection screen, the top race of any track is a race against time while the bottom race is a race against computer-controlled vehicles. Beating the timed race on any track unlocks the timed race on the next track as well as the vehicle race on the same track. Beating both modes on the first three tracks will unlock additional tracks to race on. Your progress is automatically saved, so you will be able to play any unlocked race the next time that you load the game.

The keyboard is the primary control device of Ion Drift Epsilon. Use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate and to brake respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer your vehicle. Unlike other similar racing games, you do not have a nitro or turbo booster. The only way to get a boost of speed is to steer your vehicle over the arrows on the track.

As is the case in most racing games, the AI has a major advantage over you in Ion Drift Epsilon. Given that there are no upgrades or turbo boosts (and the track's arrow boosts also apply to your computer-controlled opponents), you will have to rely on pure skill. Try to make your turns on the inside of the track to reduce the distance that you have to travel. Cutting across small portions of track may also help, but keep in mind that driving off-road slows you down and is not always possible. It may be helpful to practice tracks in timed races until you can complete it on instinct before taking on the computer.

Ion Drift Epsilon is a must-play for racing game fanatics. Simple controls and astonishing graphics make Ion Drift Epsilon one of the hottest racing games on the Web to date!