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IndestructoTank AE Controls

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Jump (when your boom bar is full) using the up arrow key.

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IndestructoTank AE Walkthrough

IndestructoTank AE is not your typical racing game. It's unique and unusual but will definitely keep your attention from the very beginning to the very end. What really makes this game so addictive and so entertaining is the fact that it isn't like all of the other racing games out there. You're not racing around the twists and turns on a standard race track or even racing from one side of the screen to the other. Instead, you're being propelled through the air as you try to destroy as many enemy aircrafts as possible before you run out of fuel. In each level, you will have a new target points goal that you'll need to reach to progress to the next level, As you play, that goal gets harder and harder to reach but that's really how this game hooks you. You always want to get to the next level, not to see what the next level holds as that's really up to you, but rather just to keep the game going. This isn't like other games where you want to keep going to get a high score or to reach a new marker. This is a game you want to keep playing because it's just that fun. With a variety of medals you can earn and several different enemies you can face off against, this game offers everything you could ever want. The race here isn't against other vehicles but is instead against your fuel tank. You need to reach your target points before you run out of fuel or your game will be over and that just isn't something you want to happen.

In IndestructoTank AE, instead of dodging enemy fire, you're going to try to get hit by it. Getting hit by an enemy weapon will propel you into the air and allow you to bounce from enemy to enemy, taking them out and racking up points in the process. In this racing game, you're going to be using enemy weapons against them. The more enemies you take out before you fall back to the ground the better. Hitting more than one enemy before you hit the ground will give you a combo. Combos increase the amount of points you get. For example, if you hit one enemy you will get experience points. Bounce from that first enemy to another another and you'll get points for both enemies, but also bonus points for the combo. Bounce to a third enemy and you'll get points for all three enemies and a bigger combo bonus. The combo stops counting when you hit the ground, even if you're only there for a moment. It's fairly easy to keep track of where you are in a combo. When you hit the first enemy, you'll see a '1' above it. Hit a second enemy and you'll see a '2'. Hit a third and you'll see a '3' and so on. Aim for the biggest combos possible. Not only will you reach your goal much more quickly but you'll also earn more points to buy new enemies.

To increase your chances of getting bigger combos in IndestructoTank AE, buy new enemies between levels. When you reach your goal, you'll be taken to the upgrade screen. Unlike upgrades in most other racing games online, you're not making any upgrades to how your vehicle performs. Instead, you're increasing the number of enemies that you'll be facing off against. That might not seem like a good thing, but it really is. While in most other racing games online more opponents make accomplishing your goal harder, in this game, more opponents mean bigger combos. There are five different types of enemies you can purchase; bombers, bouncers, gunners, homers and miners. All of these enemies offer a variety of benefits. Max out all of the enemies on the upgrade screen (keep buying them with your experience points until the price to the left of the 'buy' button says 'full') to win the game. That might sound like an easy goal, but you'll need a a fair bit of money to do it which means you'll have to play for a fair bit of time. The best way to go about maxing out all of the enemies is to max them out one enemy at a time. Start with the least expensive, bouncers, and work your way up. You won't be able to fully upgrade an enemy in one shot, but that doesn't matter. When the next level of the enemy you're upgrading is too expensive, look over the other enemies. Use the experience points you have to begin upgrading the next least expensive enemy. In time, you'll have them all maxed out - assuming you don't lose the game first.

The game screen in IndestructoTank AE can take a little getting used to. There is a lot of information you need to keep track of and knowing where to look can be a bit hard; particularly for someone who is only really used to playing traditional racing games. The top of the game screen shows you the basic information about the current status of your game with the level you're on shown in the center of the top of the screen and information about your combo and jump as well as your highest combo shown in either corner. The bottom of the game screen, though, is really where you can see the information you need. Your fuel supply is indicated on the bottom of the screen by the yellow bar. Your radar is shown on the bottom right. To the left of your radar, you'll see your target points goal. The blue bar immediately to the left of your target points goal shows you how close you are to achieving your goal for the level. The boom bar (the top bar on the bottom left of the screen) is vitally important. Fill the boom bar and you gain access to the jump feature. The jump feature is great but use it carefully once you have you boom bar filled. You only get one jump. Use that jump and you'll have to wait for the boom bar to fill again.

The medals are a great addition to IndestructoTank AE. While many of the other racing games online, have medals, trying for the medals in this game is half the fun. You'll earn the Solo Star if you max out all of the enemies in a standard game. Max out all of the enemies in a Co-op game to earn the Team Terror medal. The chain medals (Chain Chump for a combo of 25, Chain Chimp for a combo of 50 and Chain Champ for a combo of 75) are great fun to try for as well. If you launch your ITank to over 90ft and you'll get the Free Flyer medal. If you last 30 seconds in Quick Play without destroying an aircraft you'll get Ducking Dirk while 60 seconds will give you the Pimpin' Pacifist. Medals aren't necessary but they add a fun new angle to the game that make it even more addictive.

Overall, IndestructoTank AE is an excellent racing game that offers something for every racing game fan or for anyone that loves addictive online games. With multiple gaming modes and lots of medals to unlock, there is lots to enjoy. The best way to do well in this game and get the target number of points required to get to the next level is to focus on getting the biggest possible combos. Look for any and every chance to hit more planes as you're falling back toward the ground. Watch your boom bar as well and make sure you take advantage of it. It'll be your biggest benefit. It's also vitally important to make sure you work toward maxing out all of the enemies so you can get the biggest possible combos. The more enemies the better. You don't need racing skills to do well in this game so it's perfect for newcomers to racing games as well as more experienced racing game fans. You're going to have a blast with this one so make sure you check it out.