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I Hate Traffic Controls

Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake using the down arrow key. Use your mouse and the left mouse button in the level editor to create your own level.

  • Rating: 4.21/5

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I Hate Traffic Walkthrough

I Hate Traffic is one of the most engrossing and addictive racing games online simply because it offers a little something for every racing fan, regardless of what kind of racing game they enjoy. You have the main trials and user challenges which are great for racing game fans that love goals they have to try to reach and then you have the level editor where you can create the kind of track you want to race on. All of the options offer their own benefits and which you prefer will depend on what kind of game you're looking for but the greatest benefit of the game is really that all of the options are there for you to choose from in the first place. While many of the other racing games online are content to offer you one style of game, this one really goes above and beyond that making it more appealing to a much wider audience.

The greatest thing about I Hate Traffic is that the makers of the game didn't rely on being different to set them apart from the pack. The levels they've created for the main trials section can genuinely be fairly difficult. Each new level has a new goal or objective you much reach in order to move on in the game. While most of the other racing games online simply require you to reach the finish line and offer extra goals as bonuses, you must complete all of the objectives in each level if you want to move on. The objectives are shown at the top of the screen, so make sure you pay attention to them. This isn't a game in which you drive mindlessly around a track. Pay attention to the objectives and figure out what you need to do to meet them or you won't make it very far in the game at all.

Some of the objectives you'll have to reach in I Hate Traffic are a bit complex, especially once you reach the later levels. There is always a solution. There isn't a single level in this game that you won't be able to beat with a little time, patience and skill. Keeping control of your car is vital. You need to be able to get your car where you need it to go when you need it to be there. Some of the objectives require you to carefully time crashes to maximize (and sometimes minimize) the damage so you need to be able to move your car well. If you have experience with racing games, this might not be all that difficult for you. The controls of this game and the way your car handles isn't like most racing games though. In fact, it's probably closer to parking games in the control department. If you're having trouble, check out the level editor. Make your own track and practice. You'll get a little more experience and you'll learn how to control your car without the pressure of having to reach specific goals.

The level editor in I Hate Traffic isn't just useful for those looking for a little help with learning to use their car. The level editor is great for more experienced players who find the actual levels in the main trials a bit to easy. While most will be able to find the challenge they are looking for, there are always players whose skills are a bit more advanced and won't feel they are being challenged. That can lead to a pretty boring gaming experience. For those players, the level editor is a dream come true. With plenty of options, any player can create a track that offers exactly what they're looking for in the difficulty department. If you create a level you're especially proud of, you can even share it with other players and allow them to give it a shot. Alternatively, you can check out the levels that other players have created and see what new and interesting obstacles they have put in place for their fellow racing game fans.

The most appealing thing about the level editor I Hate Traffic offers is that it is fairly straight forward and easy to use. There are no overly complicated tools to contend with and as long as you know how to point and click you should be able to use the editor. Some of the other racing games online that offer level editors get bogged down with a lot of unnecessary extras. That is not the case with this one. It's simple enough that anyone can use it while still offering enough options to keep designers entertained and interested in the level they are making.

Overall, I Hate Traffic is the kind of racing game that appeals to any racing game fan without being so overly complicated that it takes forever to learn how to play. The premise is simple and straight forward. The level objectives are clear and easy to understand even if they may, at times, be difficult to execute. The level editor is useful and fun to play around with. Everything about this game works well. If you are a fan or more circuit based racing games, you can go into the level editor and make one. It's as simple as that. If you are a fan of racing games but want to try something a little different, this is definitely the game for you.