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Hot Throttle Controls

Hot Throttle is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate and to brake respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. The X key activates powerups.

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Hot Throttle Walkthrough

Perhaps you have heard that cars are people too (especially if you have played MegaRace), but I bet that you have never heard about people being cars! Well you will in Hot Throttle, a bizarre racing game from Adult Swim Games. As should be expected, this game features zany humor, suggestive themes, and retro-style graphics.

Hot Throttle has two modes of gameplay: Tournament Mode and Single Race Mode. In Tournament Mode, you must finish each race in at least third place in order to score points and secure your position in the standings. Between races, you will be able to purchase upgrades to enhance your racer. I advise upgrading your shoulders and legs equally, as doing so will help you to improve your speed without sacrificing acceleration. Upgrading your racer is vital, especially in later races, so you should do so after every race if possible.

The second gameplay mode in this racing game is Single Race Mode. In this mode, you will race against CPU-controlled opponents in a single exhibition. This gameplay mode is great for getting used to the controls or practicing tracks. If you just want a quick gaming break and don't have enough time to race through the entire tournament, then Single Race Mode is your best option.

Hot Throttle is an unconventional racing game that focuses more on humor than racing, but fans of the genre will still have a blast. Put the rubber, err, flesh to the road in this hectic game!