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High Speed Chase 2 Controls

Switch power ups by hitting 'shift'. Drop a power up by pressing and holding down 'shift'. Pause the game by hitting 'p'. Change the quality of the game by pressing 'q'.

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High Speed Chase 2 Walkthrough

High Speed Chase 2 is an exciting and intense racing game that seats you in a action packed race to become the next super agent. You'll embark on several missions to earn your title, each one a little more difficult than the last. You'll need to identify and take out your targets using any means necessary. Your goal is simple to take out your targets and get to the next mission. In order to progress to the next mission though, you will need to complete the mission you're on with a least a bronze score. Failure to get a bronze score means failure to progress to the next mission. It isn't always easy, but you can rack up points using power ups to get your closer to the score you need to pass. If you're new to racing games, you may want to focus on getting a bronze score

The mission overview in High Speed Chase 2 tells you everything you really need to know about the current mission. Your current mission is indicated by the icon that resembles a joystick. The overviews shows you how many credits you have, any awards you've been given and also how much progress you've made in your mission. Your target cars are indicated by a red circling target that rotates over the target car. It's important to remember that some cars will be be harder to destroy than others as some will be traveling with protection. You need to keep that in mind or you're going to make this already hard game much harder.

Power ups are also extremely important in High Speed Chase 2, as they are with any racing game that offers them. You earn credits during your mission which you will use to purchase power ups. There are four power ups - health, boost, glide and jump - that you can purchase at any time during your mission once you have enough credits. It's important, however, that you don't purchase a power up just because you have enough credits for it. Use power ups when you need them, or, at the very earliest, when you're sure you're about to need them. Health is perhaps the most obvious. Use this power up if you've taken damage and fear you're not going to take much more without being destroyed. Try to wait as long as you can to use it though. That way you won't waste credits and not have them available when you need them later in the game. You will absolutely need power ups if you want to get a gold medal score or win some of the more difficult missions later in the game so don't forget to buy them.

The only real problem with the power ups in High Speed Chase 2 is they aren't like the upgrades you get in most of the other racing games online. They aren't necessarily upgrades that are installed on your car to boost a certain aspect of its performance although some of them are. In this game, you'll need to collect credits to buy power ups between levels and then collect those power ups as you race. In addition, you'll also need to complete certain races to unlock new power ups to even make them available to purchase. You'll then have to hold down the shift key to use your power up. This can be a little hard to get used to at first, but it won't take you long to get the hang of it. As complicated as it seems, you'll figure out how to buy and use your power ups within the first few races. It takes a bit of learning but considering their important, they're worth the time.

The game screen in High Speed Chase 2 is pretty simple and easy to understand which will make the game even more appealing for newcomers to racing games. The top left of the game screen shows you how many credits you have allowing you to know when you can use your power ups. At the top right, you'll see how far you've traveled and at the bottom of the screen, you'll see how fast you're traveling. Speed is important in this game, as it is with most racing games and like with most racing games, control is even more important than speed. You need to keep your car under control. The great thing about this game is that with a little skill, controlling your car isn't all that difficult. What's really important is taking out your targets. If your target gets too far ahead of you, you'll fail the mission. If you get too far ahead of your target, on the other hand, you'll also fail your mission. The key is to keep your target in site and take it out as quickly as possible. Getting too far ahead of your enemy isn't all that difficult if you're moving too fast. When you see your target car, ease up on the speed a little bit, but not enough to let them get too far ahead. Focus your attack on trying to take them out quickly. Hit them hard and try to force them into obstacles on the side of the road. While this is pretty easy in the opening levels, it gets much more difficult as you progress. Hone your skills on the simpler beginning levels so you're prepared when things get more difficult.

Overall, High Speed Chase 2 will take a little getting used to, but it's well worth the time it takes to learn how to play. The actual racing is pretty basic and won't be that hard to get the hang of, but as you progress in the game it gets much harder to take out your target cars which makes things a lot more difficult. Newcomers to the game are probably going to have a hard time getting through the first few levels of the game but with a little persistence, even beginners can do well. Experienced players will love the fact that they can strive for metals for each level instead of just having a target score to beat to progress. To make things a bit more challenging, an advanced racing game player that is finding this one a bit too easy can try to complete each level with a gold medal score. It's hard to do but worth trying. This is a racing game that no fan of the genre should miss no matter how much skill or experience they have.