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Accelerate using 'space'. Switch lanes using left arrow key, right arrow key, up arrow key and down arrow key.

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Head On Collision is a unique, addictive and difficult strategy racing game that will challenge you to think about every move you make as you attempt to collect treasures and avoid the dreaded collision with the enemy cars. It isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a game that is going to keep you playing level after level and game after game. You begin with only three cars. Destroy all three cars and your game is over. This can be frustrating but if you're careful and you think ahead, you should be able to make it a fair distance in this game. This isn't the typical racing game you would find online. The goal here isn't to get around the track as fast as possible to beat your opponents to finish in first place. Instead, your goal is to race around the track and collect all of the silver, gold and diamond treasures on the track. If you collect all of the treasures you will advance to the next level. As you progress in the game, the levels get harder and harder. You face off against new enemies that get smarter, harder to avoid and travel the track in greater numbers. Things get hard fast, so you have to stay on your toes. This is really what makes this game so addictive and what makes it so much fun. You're going to want to keep playing just to see what the next level holds which makes the game even more appealing.

When you first start out in Head On Collision, you'll have three cars and three cars only. You'll be facing off against a single green. Things start off fairly easily, allowing you the chance to get used to how to play the game and you'll definitely need that chance. Because this isn't a typical racing game, the controls can take a little getting used to. For starters, you won't be using the arrow keys to steer your car. Basically your car is on a track and it will keep following that track until you switch lanes. This is where the key difference lies between this games and other games in the genre. You'll be using the arrow keys to switch lanes so your car will be on a new track. The opponents you're racing against will be traveling on the tracks as well, but instead of driving the same way as you as they would be in other racing games, they'll be traveling toward you. For those with experience in the racing game genre, this is going to be the part of the game that's hardest to get used to. There are things throughout the game that will make it a bit easier, but in order to do well in this game, you really need to let go of everything you know about racing games because this one is something else entirely.

Although Head On Collision is going to be hard for just about every gamer, there are things placed throughout the track that will make the game a bit easier. Likely the biggest asset to you as you race is the pink star. Pink stars will appear throughout the track (although not on every track) and are not much bigger than the gold or silver icons. You collect them the same way you would collect the treasures except instead of moving you closer to your short term goal of collecting all of the treasures in a level, you will be rewarded with an extra car. These stars make it much easier to make it further in the game. Whenever you see a pink star on a track figure out the best, safest way to collect it. After all, gaining an extra car isn't much of a bonus if you have to lose one to collect it. You'll also see green circling arrows on some of the tracks. These green arrows are spinners and they will change the direction you're traveling in. While that can be beneficial, it can also cause problems for your navigating. Pay attention to where these green arrows. If you hit one of these arrows and don't realize you're getting close to them, it isn't hard to lose track of where you are. If you lose track of where you are and where you want to be going, it isn't hard to end up crashing head on into your opponent.

Speed is an important factor in Head On Collision. You don't want to move around the track too quickly. You only have a small window of time to switch lanes - when the lane you're in ends or just before you enter the next lane. If you're traveling too quickly, it isn't hard to miss that window and therefore miss your only chance to switch lanes. Switching lanes is important. It helps you get to the treasures you need to get to and is really the only way to avoid a collision if you and your opponent are traveling in the same lane. The faster you collect all the treasures the better as you'll have less chance to crash, but if you're moving too quickly to switch lanes when you need to switch lanes or you're traveling too quickly to think ahead then you're only going to wind up crashing anyway. Take your time. The time bonus you can collect if you get through the track fast enough is great for your overall score but won't do you much good if you end up crashing all three of your cars before you are able to collect all of your treasures.

The real trick to doing well in Head On Collision is to pay close attention to where the jewels are, where the lane your in leads and where you enemies are located. If you keep an eye on all of these factors and plan your moves accordingly, you should be able to get through the game. The time bonus is great and in the beginning levels when the track is a bit easier and the enemies are easier to avoid, you can try to go for the time bonus if you're feeling particularly confident. Don't compromise careful driving for fast driving though. For newcomers, it's a better idea to just focus on getting through the level in one piece. Once you've played a few times, you can start worrying about getting that bonus. Later in the game, you should only have to accelerate to start the game or to avoid enemy cars. Racing to get the treasures will be far too risky unless you're exceptionally skilled at the game.

Overall, Head On Collision is one of the rare racing games that anyone - regardless of skill or experience level - will be able to enjoy. Beginners will have a bit of trouble in the beginning, but with practice and patience they'll be playing the game like pros. This is the perfect game for someone looking for something a little out of the ordinary - a game that combines the fun of racing games with the challenge of logic games. This isn't an easy one, but despite it's difficulty level, it never feels impossible or unbeatable. Every track in this game can be beaten. In many ways, it's a fresh twist on the classic arcade games of old with updated graphics but the same basic format and design. This is a game for fans of racing games or those just looking for a fun game to kill a little time with. Just don't be surprised when you find yourself hooked. It's an addictive game, but one you'll love playing.