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Gun Express Controls

Accelerate using 'w' or the up arrow key. Slow down or brake using 's' or the down arrow key. Lean left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Lean right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Aim your weapon using the mouse. Fire your weapon using the left mouse button.

  • Rating: 4.2/5

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Gun Express Walkthrough

Gun Express is an intense and action packed racing game that offers far more than the average online racing game. The story is entertaining, the graphics are basic but well done and the game is difficult enough to offer experienced players the challenge they want without being so difficult newcomers won't want to play. It really offers something for everyone which is one of the biggest benefits the game offers. The premise of the game is fairly simple. You need to reach your level goal before you run out of time. Run out of time and you fail your mission. The great thing is that you're able to shoot traffic to destroy those enemy vehicles along the way to earn extra time. Each enemy destroyed will earn you a time bonus which in a game this tough is extremely beneficial.

There are several road hazards along the way in Gun Express that can both help and hurt you. Ramps will help you earn more points and will help you get closer to your goal faster but you need to be careful how you approach them. Make sure you hit them with a fair bit of speed and pay attention to your landing. If you're not careful when you land you can wind up crashing which will do nothing but hurt your time. Cruisers (yellow taxi type cars) are one of the most common road hazards you'll encounter. Like in most other racing games online, your biggest enemy is really traffic on the road. In this game, however, you aren't simply given the option of avoiding the traffic. You can also blow it up by shooting it. Cruisers are the most annoying because they move so slowly. The good thing is, they don't change lanes. That can sometimes be a problem though if you need to be in the lane they're in. Blow them up to avoid wasting time stuck behind them and to earn extra time in the process. Bikers are also a problem. They're a bit quicker but they also change lanes. These bikers are your enemies and they must be taken out. Chargers (red and yellow sporty cars) are dangerous hazards. They don't just get in your way. They also actively try to destroy you by ramming you or forcing you off the road. Blow them up as soon as you see them. They're trouble. Trucks aren't really a huge problem. While they're big, heavy and slow, they're also fairly easy to avoid. You can destroy them to earn your time bonus or just drive around them.

Unlike most racing games, Gun Express offers hazards beyond opponent vehicles. You'll encounter these new obstacles as you progress in the game and they're really what makes the game so much more difficult than many of the other racing games online. Choppers are formidable foes. The chopper will be trying to shoot you down. Get to it first. Jets are also trouble. They'll fly low and shoot at you. Try to avoid them as best you can. Missiles are also something you need to be on the look out for. There are two different types of missiles; red ones (fall to the ground and do damage on the ground) and yellow ones (hone in on you and cause damage to you and your bike). Yellow missiles are clearly the bigger threat but both should be avoided. Roadside turrets have been set up to try to take you out and you really only have two options for dealing with them - destroy them or avoid them. Your best option is to destroy them. Avoiding them will take careful timing and that just isn't possible all of the time. If you don't have enough time to wait for a safe time to pass, focus on shooting them. They deliver a lot of damage very quickly and can be enough to end your game. Mines will also being your game to a quick end. You can avoid them if you're careful, but in some cases, it's better just to shoot them.

Aside from various road hazards that make the game much harder, Gun Express also offers several bonuses that will help you make it further in the game. The 'supergun' bonus (a gun icon with a plus sign on it) will increase the amount of damage your guns will inflict on your enemies. This helps you get your enemies out of the way much more quickly so it's definitely worth picking up. This bonus only lasts a short period of time though so make the most of it. The 'turbo' bonus (a wheel with flames) will give your bike a quick shot of speed that will enable you to move toward your goal much more quickly. Just be careful with this one. The increased speed makes it a bit tougher to control your bike around corners so make sure you keep that in mind. The 'time freeze' bonus (a clock icon) is an excellent bonus. It will momentarily freeze time allowing you to cover more ground and giving you more of a chance to successfully complete your mission. The 'shield' bonus (a shield icon) is extremely useful when you encounter enemies that are shooting at you. It will equip you with a shield for a short period of time allowing you to avoid taking any damage from enemy fire. It's especially useful when encountering missiles or turrets. The 'nuke' bonus (a bomb icon) is a great bonus but it doesn't come along very often. The nuke will destroy every enemy in your pass allowing for a much safer passage for your bike.

The game screen in Gun Express isn't much harder to understand than the game screen in an average online racing game. At the top left of the screen you have the distance you've traveled. To the right of distance you'll see the speed at which you're traveling. In the center of the top of the screen you'll see your time. Don't allow your time to run out. At the top right of the screen, you'll see your score. If you're going for a high score, take out as many enemies as possible and hit as many ramps as you can. It's also to collect all of the bonuses you can collect so you can continue your game as long as possible. It is entirely possible to beat this game. It'll just take a little - or a lot - of practice and careful strategy. Make sure you watch your speed around corners and avoid or destroy all of the enemies threatening you and you should be fine.

Overall, Gun Express is a game that you're going to want to play again and again. The challenge to get further than you did the time before will keep you playing game after game. One of my favorite features of the game, however, is that you're able to upload any MP3 file from you music collection to the game so you can listen to whatever song you want while you play. This isn't a feature you get with most online racing games which is sad. The ability to play your own music from the game makes it feel a little more personalized and a little more individual. Regardless of what appeals to you most about the game - the graphics, the difficulty, the unique format, the music - just make sure you take the time to check it out. Newcomers are going to have a hard time for the first little while, but keep playing. It's definitely worth it.