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Grand Prix Challenge 2 Controls

Left and right steer, spacebar increases speed.

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Grand Prix Challenge 2 Walkthrough

A simple racing game where you have to go through three consecutive tracks to win, all without destroying your racing car in the process, not as easy as you think however. The goal is not to win the races, but to finish the races without smashing your car into a million pieces.

As you race along the track in Grand Prix Challenge 2, you will see other racers who get in the way, and have to be avoided, which is difficult due to your car's large hitbox. The acceleration is handled automatically, but if you're feeling confident you can speed up with the space bar, but this makes you more likely to hit the opponents. Your damage doesn't heal between races, so any damage you take is there for good. Take your time when you can and don't be too liberal with the higher gear speeds.