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Freeway Fury 2 Controls

Just like other racing games, Freeway Fury 2 is played entirely with the keyboard. Move through the freeway using your keyboard's arrow keys, hold down the Z button to start the bullet mode (where your character climbs to the roof of your car), and jump to another car with the arrow key.

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Freeway Fury 2 Walkthrough

Just like other racing games and its older brother, Freeway Fury 2 challenges you to hit the finish line as fast as you can. HOWEVER, as basic and straightforward as that may sound, things are not so cut and dried in this racing game!

This game is one of those racing games where there are no rules to abide, no laws... where doing crazy neck-breaking stuff on the speedway is NOT just allowed. It's encouraged! I'd go as far as saying that breaking the usual rules is the only way to win this racing game.

If you have been a HUGE fan of car-hacking in Grand Theft Auto, you will love Freeway Fury 2! Matter of fact, this game does car-hacking in even better style. No need to pull over and get out of the car... instead, you have to climb to your car's roof (not to get fresh air), jump to another car's roof, get rid of the driver, and enjoy your new and better looking ride! Rinse and repeat the whole process until you reach the finish line - this is Freeway Fury 2. Oh! And one more thing, there are no party pooping police or traffic officers to bother you on your exploits.

Gaining Nitro Boosts: As with other racing games, getting that sudden speed boost is MORE than welcome. To get nitro boosts and charge 'em up, you just have to leap from one car roof to another. Once you have enough boost, it's time for breath-taking stunts! With the help of your fast reflexes and flexible fingers, pull off reckless life-and-death maneuvers and see your score sky-rocket. And just to make things even more challenging and fun, there are no breaks in this racing game. Heck! You wouldn't need one anyway.

HOWEVER, you need to watch out - if you miss your leap, you will end up as street pizza, which is anything but appetizing. Grab a better ride by jumping from one to another a la Tarzan, knock others off the road, go against oncoming traffic, use your nitro wisely, and you will be sure to have a GREAT time. Make it to the seven exits and you will face off against the final boss.

The first and original Freeway Fury is GREAT time-waster. I won't take that away from that racing game. HOWEVER, the sequel is so much fun - the Grand Theft Auto Frogger idea really lives up to the hype and potential. There's a MASSIVE assortment of automobiles to hijack, different landscapes to behold when you want to slow down a bit, and all of these and more are accompanied by the arcade-perfect sound track and effects.

It doesn't matter if you have played the original Freeway Fury game, this installment will surely get your heart rate climbing as fast as it could. True, the controls take some time to get used to but it's not something a racing game fan couldn't handle. While you may get into a few accidents here and there, you will get a sense of how far you can jump and what stunts are best for what situation after some time.

The health bar is also a fantastic addition by the way. Put some practice into finding the rhythm of the game's mechanics and you'll have a heck LOT of fun.