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Freeway Fury Controls

Steer car to the left using the left arrow key. Steer car to the right using the right arrow key. Use nitro boost by hitting the up arrow key. Exit your car using 'space' or the down arrow key. Jump from car to car using the left and right arrow keys. Enter cars by pressing the down arrow key.

  • Rating: 4.64/5

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Freeway Fury Walkthrough

Freeway Fury is one of the most unique and unusual racing games online simply because it challenges you to not only race your car but also jump into other cars and perform stunts to earn points and nitro boosts. While other racing games are content to seat you behind the wheel and send your barreling around a track or down a stretch of highway, this one goes a step beyond that and the result is a wildly addictive and fairly difficult game that will hold your interest from the very beginning to the very end.

The basic goal of Freeway Fury is to travel as far as you can on the freeway and get the highest possible score by performing stunts and collecting bonuses. You get bonus points every time you jump from one car to another with an additional bonus if you get combos of cars. For example, if you jump from one car to another, you get points (the points vary depending on the difficulty of the jump). If you jump to another car right away (without entering a car) you get a combo bonus as well. The more cars in the combo, the higher the bonus is. The best way to get a good bonus is to jump out of the car you're driving and onto the roof of a car that is also surrounded by other cars. For example, if you're coming up behind a row of three cars, you can jump onto the roof of one of those cars and then to the roofs of the other cars in the row. You'll get at least a three car combo - more if you can jump back and forth a few times.

You also get bonus points in Freeway Fury for long distance jumps. Just make sure you're careful when you attempt this one. If you miss the car you're aiming for and fail to land on another, you'll be splattered on the freeway and your race will end. The only real way to know whether you'll be able to make a jump is through trial and error. As you play, you'll get better at judging whether or not you'll be able to make jumps. Don't be afraid to get splattered a few times in the process. It's only a game after all, and a short one at that. You have time to make a few mistakes as you try to perfect your technique. Worry about playing it safe when you've got a good score building you don't want to blow. You don't want to throw away what could potentially be a high score on a careless jump.

The slam bonus points are pretty easy to get in Freeway Fury. In fact, many players will get them by accident. You get slam points for slamming into other cars on the freeway. You need to be careful with this one as well though. Do to much damage to your car and it will explode. When you start seeing fire, it's time to ditch your car and move on to another one. It doesn't really matter if the car blows up as long as you're not in it when it happens. Avoid jumping to other cars you've slammed, especially if you've slammed those other cars multiple times. You don't want to jump from a sinking ship into a rescue boat with a hole in it. Of course, if you're running low on options, you can always jump to the next car and try to jump to another one right away. Just do it as quickly as you can to make your race last as long as possible.

There are two sections of freeway in Freeway Fury; your lane and the lane for oncoming traffic. Cars in your lane will obviously be traveling in the same direction you are. Cars in the other lane will be traveling opposite you. Driving into oncoming traffic is dangerous and is a pretty good way to crash your car, but it will also earn your bonus points depending on the distance you traveled in the oncoming traffic. Dip over to the other side of things to build up your score and if you're looking for a good challenge. If your driving skills aren't really up to par or if you don't like an intense ride, you may want to stay on your side of the freeway. Bonus points are great but they won't do you much good if you crash right away and your race comes to an end.

The speed reversal and close escape bonuses in Freeway Fury are worth going after for racing game players with a little more experience under their belts, but newcomers may want to stick to the less risky bonuses. While both offer great bonuses and definitely make the game more challenging, they are a little advanced for those that haven't yet developed their racing skills to the point that they're able to really keep control of their car. The takedown bonus is also a bit advanced but even newcomers should be able to get this one once or twice. The key to getting the takedown bonus is using the bigger vehicles on the road (trucks especially) to take out the smaller cars on the road. You can slam smaller cars several times with a bigger vehicle such as the white trucks before your vehicle takes damage. The smaller car will be destroyed before your vehicle even shows any signs of immediate distress. This will give you a couple slam bonuses and a takedown bonus. To be safe, though, you should always ditch the car you did the takedown with just in case it is more damaged than it appears.

The time bonus is difficult to get in Freeway Fury, but if you're careful and cautious, you should be able to get it. You get a time bonus when you survive in the game long enough to have your time extended. Your time is shown counting down at the top of the screen. If you reach zero, you'll get a time extension and a point bonus, but make sure you remember the track gets more difficult as the game progresses. When your time is extended, prepare for the difficulty level to increase. You'll be facing narrower lanes, more cars and a lot more trouble making it to the next time extension. You'll need to jump from car to car if you want to survive. Luckily for you, you'll probably have a lot of cars to choose from.

Overall, Freeway Fury is a unique kind of racing game that goes above and beyond what you would normally expect in the genre and really challenges you to take risks if you want a good score. You can play it safe and still do well, but those stunts are the fastest way to get a high score. As you play you will improve. Experience is the greatest teacher in this game. With experience, you'll learn to take safer risks. You'll have a better idea of how many times you can slam cars before your car explodes. You'll learn how much space you can cover with a jump. You'll learn how to assess the situations you find yourself in and find the best way to survive them. If you're a fan of racing games, this is one you absolutely must try.