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FreeRace Controls

Accelerate with the up arrow key. Turn left with the left arrow key. Turn right with the right arrow key.

  • Rating: 4.65/5

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If you are looking for a basic, no frills racing game to either kill a little time with or to use to hone your racing game skills, FreeRace may well be the perfect game for you. For more experienced racing game players, the appeal of this game will be the fact that the focus is entirely on racing. There are no achievements to try for, no upgrades to purchase and no bonuses to collect. You don't have anything to unlock. There are no fancy start up screens or animations. You're just racing your car around the race track. While that might seem unappealing, for someone who has played a lot of racing games online, the simplicity is the biggest advantage this game offers. Its a lot of fun to just take your car around the track and not have to worry about beating your opponents. Your only concern here is the time it takes you to complete a lap. Granted, the game can get a little tedious after lap after lap, but it is a great way for an experienced player to kill a little time and have some fun.

FreeRace is probably most appealing to newcomers to the racing game genre who is having trouble getting the hang of some of the more difficult racing games online. This game gives you the chance to get used to using the controls standard in racing games and teaches you how to take corners. For a game so simple, it's actually surprisingly difficult to keep your car on the track thanks to lots of twists and turns along the way. This really helps you learn how to navigate turns of all kinds while skill keeping control of your car. You get to learn where you can get away with using a lot of speed and where you need to back off the accelerator. Hitting sharp turns with a lot of speed is a sure fire way to lose control and end up off road. More gradual turns however, can generally be taken going at a decent rate of speed without causing you to lose control. This can be a bit hard for a beginner to get used to and that's really why this game is so beneficial.

Overall, FreeRace is a great racing game that really offers something for everyone. Experienced players will like the basic premise of the game and will find the more relaxed style a pleasant change from the more fast paced racing games online. Beginners will enjoy the challenge of the game without having to worry about the distractions that they'd get with more advanced games. This is a chance to not only learn the fundamentals of racing games but also the chance to have fun. While for more experienced players the appeal will wear off fairly quickly, it's still worth checking out.