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Freegear Controls

Freegear is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys accelerate and brake respectively while the left and right arrow keys steer your car in the respective direction. The Z and X keys shift gears up and down respectively when using manual transmission. The C key activates your nitro boost. These keys may be redefined under the options menu.

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Freegear Walkthrough

Freegear is a game that takes its inspiration from classic arcade racing games such as Pole Position. This racing game features outstanding pseudo-3D graphics, a pumped-up soundtrack, and twenty tracks to race on.

Freegear features two modes of gameplay: Quick Race and Tournament. Quick Race Mode allows you to play a single race on any track that you have unlocked and is a good way to get used to the controls and to practice. Tournament Mode is the primary mode of this racing game and is where tracks are unlocked. There are five tournaments, each with four tracks (a grand total of twenty tracks). Your tournament progress is saved, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Freegear uses the keyboard as its control device. By default, the up and down arrow keys are used to accelerate and to brake, the left and right arrow keys are used to steer, the Z and X keys are used to switch gears (manual transmission only), and the C key is used to activate the nitro boost. You may change these controls in the options menus if you wish. You may also change the speedometer units (KPH to MPH) and the transmission type of your car. Automatic transmission is chosen by default and is easier to use, but manual transmission allows for greater control control and offers more power.

Credits are earned after completing tournament races in Freegear. These credits may be used to purchase upgrades for your car. The initial courses of this racing game are easy, but as you progress, you will be glad that upgrades are available. At first, it is probably best to upgrade the acceleration and top speed of your car, especially if you are using automatic transmission. Handling is not a crucial upgrade on the initial tracks, but it does come in handy for tracks with slick surfaces. Nitro is probably the upgrade of least importance in this racing game, especially if you already have a good top speed and acceleration.

Freegear is an amazing racing game that brings the thrill of classic arcade racing to your Web browser. Put the pedal to the metal and hang on to your seat, because you're in for a wild ride in Freegear!