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Four Wheel Chase Controls

Left and right alters your speed, up jumps.

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Four Wheel Chase Walkthrough

Based loosely on the comedy movie Kangaroo Jack, the aforementioned Kangaroo has a jacket that holds a whopping $50,000 and you have to chase him down to get it back, but this isn't an easy task in the slightest. Four Wheel Chase has you driving a four-wheel with enough hydraulics to leap 40 feet in the air over mounds, gaping holes, and termite towers alike.

Along the lack of a road there are canteens and money, canteens restore your energy by small amounts which is depleted harshly by crashing into termite towers, and crashing into a wall is an instant death. The game isn't easy and it's not unusual for you to screw up quite harshly if your timing is off.

There are also geysers that will give you a large boost which can let you reach high items or send you straight over them. Four Wheel Chase requires a high degree of skill, so don't get discouraged.