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Formula Racer 2012 Controls

Formula Racer is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to control your car. The spacebar (or the X key) activates your boost. The P key pauses the game.

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Formula Racer 2012 Walkthrough

Formula Racer 2012 is a racing game developed by turboNuke and the sequel to his earlier racing game, Formula Racer. Formula Racer 2012 follows the model set by its predecessor, but also features drastically improved graphics, fourteen achievements, and twelve races spanning across three classes.

The objective of Formula Racer 2012 is to complete each race in the best place possible. The better your position when you cross the finish line, the more money you will make. Unlike most racing games, courses are not unlocked based on your finish position; instead, you will use the money that you earn to unlock tracks and race classes. If you need to earn extra money to unlock a track (or additional upgrades, which will be discussed in the next paragraph), then you can replay races to better your position. Your progress is automatically saved, so you will not have to complete everything in one sitting.

Formula Racer 2012 uses the same upgrade system as its predecessor. Instead of buying individual upgrades, as is the case in most racing games, upgrades simply allow you to allocate more power to your car's engine, steering, and booster. Tune your car based on the track. For example, a track with lots of curves or rainy weather will require good handling, while a dry track with lots of straight sections would call for a powerful engine and booster. It is best to buy as many upgrades as possible since they essentially pay for themselves by helping you to place well.

Graphics are not the only improvement over the first Formula Racer in Formula Racer 2012; the AI is improved too! The computer-controlled racers will now effectively use their boosters and try to get in your way to prevent you from passing them. This element makes the game more challenging, but it is still not impossible to beat. You may not finish first every time, but if you remember to begin your turns as soon as you see the track curving, try to pass your opponents on the inside of the track when turning, and to use your boost on straightaways, you will do fine.

If you enjoyed the first Formula Racer, then you will be thrilled by Formula Racer 2012. Put the rubber to the road once more in Formula Racer 2012!