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Formula Racer Controls

Formula Racer is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to control your car. The spacebar or the X key activates your boost.

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Formula Racer Walkthrough

Formula Racer is a racing game created by turboNuke, one of the developers of the popular CycloManiacs series as well as the racing game, Grand Prix Go. Formula Racer lives up to the high expectations of a turboNuke game and features outstanding three-dimensional graphics, high-paced gameplay, and eight tracks to race on.

The objective of Formula Racer is to complete each of the eight tracks. You will begin this racing game with only one track available, but additional tracks can be unlocked by using money earned in races. The better that you place in a race, the more money that you will earn. If you still need more money to unlock the next track or purchase upgrades for your car, you can replay races that you have already completed. Your progress is automatically saved, so everything that you have unlocked will still be there for you the next time that you play.

After each race of Formula Racer, you are allowed to customize your car. This racing game uses a system where you must choose how much power you want to give to the engine, handling, or boost properties of your car. If you have enough cash, you can purchase an upgrade that will allow you to allocate more power to your car's attributes. I advise you to allocate more power to your engine and handling. Boosts are helpful in this racing game, they should not be relied on, thus, speed and handling are most important.

Formula Racer is a challenging game, but it is not impossible to beat. If you have tuned your car to have a decent balance of engine power and handling, then you should be able to place in the top five of each race if you play smart. Begin making your turns as soon as you see the track beginning to curve in order to maintain a high speed without drifting off of the track. Only use your boost on straightaways; doing so on turns is a good way to crash! Finally, when attempting to surpass your opponents on turns, it is best to pass them on the inside of the track rather than the outside.

Formula Racer is a racing game that is sure to please fans of the genre. Casual gamers may also be drawn in by the simple controls and straightforward gameplay!