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Formula Fog Controls

Formula Fog is controlled by using the keyboard. Accelerate and reverse by using the up and down arrow keys respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. Press the spacebar to deploy your handbrake.

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Formula Fog Walkthrough

Formula Fog is a version of the racing game, Flash Race, sponsored by Formula Fog retains the same stye of gameplay present in the original, but also features improved graphics and more forgiving gameplay.

Before starting the race, you will have the option of driving Car A (a NASCAR-type of automobile) of Car B (a Formula One racer). As was the case in Flash Racer, the type of vehicle that you choose to drive has no actual effect on the gameplay of Formula Fog. After selecting your car, the race will begin. Your goal is to beat the AI-controlled competitor in a three-lap (rather than five-lap) race around the track. Laps are counted in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The number next to the red dot indicates the number of laps that you have completed, while the number next to the blue dot indicates the number of laps that the computer has completed.

On its surface, Formula Fog may seem like a branded clone of Flash Race. That is somewhat true, but there are some notable changes. First, the graphics in this version of the racing game are smoother compared to those in the original. Second, the framerate seems to be slightly higher than that of the first game. Finally, and most importantly, the difficulty has been reduced severely in this driving game. The AI has been toned down so, players will actually have a chance at beating it. Come-from-behind victories are actually possible this time, but you still shouldn't let the AI get too far ahead of you.

Formula Fog does not deviate much from Flash Race, but it is a much more forgiving racing game, making it accessible to casual gamers as well as racing pros. If you found Flash Race to be too difficult, then give Formula Fog a try; you might just win this time!