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Formula 1 Champion Controls

Formula 1 Champion is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the down arrow key brakes and reverses, and the left and right arrow keys steer your car.

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Formula 1 Champion Walkthrough

Formula 1 Champion is a top-down racing game featuring photo-realistic graphics and unique gameplay. This racing game puts you in control of a Formula 1 racer, competing against seven other computer-controlled racers.

The objective of Formula 1 Champion is to complete the race in first place. To accomplish this goal, you must pass computer-controlled racers that will try to prevent you from passing by blocking you, while blocking out other AI-controlled racers that might try to sneak past you from behind.

While playing Formula 1 Champion, you will always want to have the acceleration button (the up arrow key) pressed. You want to maintain your top speed as much as you can to avoid being passed in this racing game. Try to stay on the track surface to drive at top speed; drifting of of the track onto the grass will slow your car down, allowing AI-drivers to pass you. Beware, because AI-drivers do not seem to be slowed by driving on the grass. Finally, you will want to avoid colliding with other cars as much as possible, since doing so will temporarily reduce your speed.

Unlike other top-down racing games, Formula 1 Champion automatically rotates the track instead of you rotating your car to follow the track. When you are approaching a turn, an arrow will prompt you. At this time, you want to begin pressing the proper arrow key to make your turn! To avoid making too-wide of a turn, it is best to try to keep your vehicle in the center of the track when you can; this way, you can make turns in either direction without drifting off of the track's surface.

Formula 1 Champion is a simple, straightforward racing game with no bells and whistles, and is a great way to kill some time. Fans of the racing game genre will enjoy Formula 1 Champion!