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Forklift Frenzy Controls

Play through six levels of forklift mayhem in this awesome racing game. Use the arrow keys to drive your forklift, and press the spacebar to raise and lower the forks once you've lifted a crate. Race against the clock, but make sure you don't run into any obstacles.

  • Rating: 4.4/5

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Forklift Frenzy Walkthrough

Forklift Frenzy is an interesting twist when it comes to racing games. Instead of dealing with laps, or even racing cars, your goal is to move crates and pallets within a strict time limit. There are six levels total, and each one gets progressively harder than the last.

You'll start out in the same spot in every level, but you'll have more to do with each new level. And beating the time limit isn't the only thing you'll have to worry about - you'll have to look out for crashing into crates as well. The difficulty really ramps up when you'll have to drive your forklift as fast as possible, with no room for error.

When you complete a level (by placing crates in the correct pallets), you'll get bonus points depending on how much time you have left on the clock. But, as the levels go on, it's a lot harder to get any bonus points at all - so it's a good idea to beat the first few levels as quickly as you can.

Overall, Forklift Frenzy is an awesome racing game. Instead of dealing with other racers, you'll be driving against the clock. The levels only get more difficult as the game goes on, and with the challenging pace of Forklift Frenzy, you'll be playing this game for quite a while; if you're looking to beat it, that is. But since it's unlike any other flash game out there, Forklift Frenzy is a fun game worth playing - and one that will take a while to beat.