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Flash Rally School Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Slow down or brake using the down arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Use the handbrake by pressing 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.57/5

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Flash Rally School Walkthrough

Flash Rally School is an entertaining racing game that puts you in control of a rally car and challenges you to navigate through the course as fast as you can. The ingame instructions are a little lacking in the details department so it can be a little hard to figure out what the rules are and what your objective is. It's actually pretty simple stuff once you figure it out. Your objective is to follow the arrows around the track to the finish line - the faster the better. The only real rule is that you can't run over the orange traffic cones. If you hit one of those orange cones, you will fail the race. You can hit pretty much any other obstacle on the track although doing so will have a severly negative impact on your finish time, but the orange traffic cones are off limits. The great thing about this game is that failing the race does not mean your game is over. You can continue playing even after you fail so you're still able to finish. This allows you to get a feel for the track and figure out where the big, bad turns are that you're going to need to watch out for. With those simple rules and your goal in mind, you're ready to start playing.

In all honest, Flash Rally School isn't for everyone. The graphics are pretty basic with a car, some obstacles and the track as really the only thing on the screen. If you need a lot of flashy, fancy graphics to keep your attention, you might want to consider another game. In addition, the game isn't really all that difficult. If you gave any experience with online racing games, you're probably going to find this one a bit on the easy side. Using the handbrake does make things a bit more difficult, but even so, it probably still won't be enough to keep experienced players looking for a challenge entertained beyond a game or two. For an advanced player, the real fun of this game is to try to beat their own best time, but even that might lose its thrill after a while. This game is really for beginners who are having a hard time getting the hang of more difficult racing games and in that respect, this game is a screaming success.

Newcomers to racing games often have a hard time learning to control their cars. It can be hard to learn how much speed you should hit a corner with or how to execute tight turns without losing control of your vehicle and it's no different in Flash Rally School. The thing about this game that sets apart from other games in the genre is that it allows you ample chance to learn and master those skills. There are enough sharp turns to allow you the chance to get used to them, but there are also minimal other distractions to worry about. There are no other racers to avoid. There is no time limit. Even if you fail, you still get to keep going. You get to focus on mastering your driving skills without a lot of extras. This game teaches you how to keep control of your car and to keep your car on the track. This is an important skill to master if you want to do well in some of the more advanced racing games online.

Overall, Flash Rally School is really a game for the beginner who wants to hone their skills for more advanced games. Although more experienced players will still have fun with this one for a while, there is little to keep them coming back for more. For advanced players this game is going to be all about trying to beat their own best time which can be a lot of fun even if the game doesn't get you completely hooker. Newcomers can use this one as more of a learning experience. Instead of looking at this as a game, look at it as training. A few rounds in this game will be all you'll need to improve your skills enough to tackle some of the more advanced racing games online as the controls are fairly standard. The only real difference here is the handbrake option. More experience players will have fun playing with that feature but newcomers might be better off ignoring it. The handbrake is fairly unique to this game, but it is a lot of fun and is necessary if you want to get through the race fast.