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Flash Race Controls

Flash Race is controlled by using the keyboard. Accelerate and reverse by using the up and down arrow keys respectively. The left and right arrow keys are used to steer. Press the spacebar to deploy your handbrake.

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Flash Race Walkthrough

If you are a racing game fanatic looking for a game that is easy to jump into, but challenging to master, then Flash Race is just the game for you! This car game features 3D graphics, a simple keyboard control scheme, and gameplay that will test your racing skills! Despite its name, Flash Race uses the Adobe Shockwave plugin, not Adobe Flash.

Flash Race gives you the option of driving a NASCAR-type car or a Formula One racer. Both cars have the same handling, so the vehicle that you choose has no effect on gameplay. After you have chosen the car that you wish to drive, you will be taken to the track. Your objective in this racing game is to complete five laps around the track before your opponent. Laps are counted near the bottom-right corner of the screen; the red counter indicates laps that you have completed, while the blue counter indicates laps that the computer has completed.

Flash Race is a racing game specifically designed for die-hard fans of the genre. There are no weapons or upgrades present, and the only powerups are speed boosts (which appear as bullseyes on the track). As is the case in most car games of this type, the AI has an advantage in navigating the track, but this advantage is on steroids in this game! Once the computer-controlled racer passes you, it is nearly impossible to catch up. The textbook racing game advise still holds in this game: speed down straightaways, slow down on turns, and stay on the track to maximize your speed, but even if you do all of this correctly, it will still be close to impossible to beat your opponent.

Flash Race is a quality car game, but its high difficulty level is likely to cause players to rage-quit. If you are a hardcore fan of traditional racing games and you are looking for a challenge, then Flash Race is worth giving a try, but casual gamers should probably steer clear of this one.