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FFX Racing Controls

FFX Racing is controlled by using the keyboard. Hold the control key to accelerate and the alt key to drive in reverse. The spacebar is used to brake. The left and right arrow keys steer your vehicle. Press the W key to set your car on the track.

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FFX Racing Walkthrough

FFX Racing is a racing game developed by the makers of FFX Runner. FFX Racing features superior graphics and easier-to-understand gameplay in comparison to FFX Runner, but its control scheme is a bit more complex.

The objective of FFX Racing is to complete the track before your computer-controlled opponents do. There is no room for second-best in this racing game; either you win or you lose, so go for first! The race only consists of a single lap, but it is a long one spanning miles of scenic countryside. The average gamer should be able to complete the race in under ten minutes.

FFX Racing uses a keyboard control scheme that is more complex to those of similar racing games and driving games. The left and right arrow keys are still used to steer your car, but the up and down arrow keys do nothing. Instead, the control key is held to accelerate, and the spacebar is used to brake. If you want to back up, hold the alt key to reverse. Finally, should your car end up off of the road, you can press the W key to reset your car onto the track.

FFX Racing is much easier than FFX Runner since you do not have to worry about wrecking your car, maintaining your fuel level, or evading other cars that are chasing you. That does not mean that this car game is without its challenges, however. If you stay on the track and maintain a decent speed, you should be able to beat the AI, but if you wind up drifting off of the track, you might have to kiss your first-place trophy goodbye. Sure, you can reset your car, but unfortunately, your car might not be facing in the right direction when it is reset. There are no indicators given if you end up driving in the wrong direction, and the only warning that you may get is an AI-controlled car passing you going in the opposite direction! Unless the developers of this racing game update it to include wrong-way warnings (which they probably won't), there is nothing that can be done about this. Just try to stay on the track, take curves slowly, and don't do anything fancy, and you should be OK.

FFX Racing is an exhilarating arcade-style racing game that is perfect for killing time. See if you can be first to cross the finish line in this outstanding car game!