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FastTrack Controls

Drive your vehicle in this racing game with the arrow keys (or ADW keys): the up arrow key lets you move forward; the left and right arrow keys allow you to steer. Each race has five checkpoints - collect a checkpoint to put more time on the clock to avoid running out of time.

  • Rating: 4.11/5

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FastTrack Walkthrough

FastTrack is an exciting racing game with multiple tracks, lots of upgrades, and stiff competition. Not only will you have to deal with a difficult racetrack, but also you'll have to edge your way past the rest of the competition.

The first level you'll start out on is relatively easy. Each race consists of completing five checkpoints - you'll only have thirty seconds to spare, anyways - and if you run out of time, you're out of the race. Once you complete all five checkpoints, you'll finish the race. But, whether or not you've won depends on the other racers.

If you finish first, you'll get prize money. And even before the first race starts, you'll have money to spare - so spend all of your cash on upgrades. These upgrades can range from simple tire upgrades to important engine upgrades. Depending on your racing style, upgrade accordingly; but make sure that you upgrade your car parts whenever possible. They're the difference between winning and losing - especially when it comes to the later levels.

Overall, FastTrack is a fun racing game that you shouldn't be missed. The races are intense, and if you're not an experienced racer - then you won't last. If you can keep up with the competition by upgrading your car, you'll do fine. After beating a level, you'll unlock the next - and there are plenty of levels to choose from. The graphics have a great 3D feel, and the controls handle extremely well. As far as racing games go, it doesn't get better than FastTrack.