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ExtremeCars Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or slow down using the down arrow key. Move left using the left arrow key. Move right using the right arrow key. Jump using 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.8/5

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ExtremeCars is an entertaining and fast paced racing game that will have you playing game after game. Although it isn't a racing game in the traditional sense of the term, it is a lot of fun and will appeal to even the most devoted racing game fans. The basic premise of the game is simple; you're behind the wheel of a Lamborghini racing through the desert weaving in and out of traffic and jumping over any other cars that get in your way. The goal is just as simple. Make it as far as you possibly can before you run out of time and lose the game. It's really, at it's core, a pretty basic game but it offers great graphics and a real challenge which make the game much more addictive than many of the other racing games online. You aren't racing against other cars in this one. Instead, you're racing against yourself; trying to make it further than you did the game before to get a better score. That's really what keeps you playing the game and keeps it from getting stale or boring like many of the other games in the genre. While you're doing basically the same thing throughout the entire game, you want to keep going to try to get that high score and see just how far you can make it.

The greatest thing about ExtremeCars is the fact that it doesn't employ its time limit the same way most other racing games with time limits do. Instead of having a set time to finish a race, you're given a set time to finish what would be a level or a lap in any other racing game. Once you reach the end of the lap, the timer resets and you continue on; hoping to reach the next marker before the timer reaches zero. The advantage offered by this game is at the completion of a lap (marked by the 'flag girl' appearing as you pass between the red and white polls on either side of the track) you just keep on going as you were going before. There is no load time to wait for the next round to begin. There are no upgrades to save up for and purchase between levels. The car you get when you start playing is as good as it's going to get, which isn't bad at all considering how awesome the car is. You don't start out with a lesser version that you have to slowly build up and improve. It starts out with lots of muscle and power and stays that way for the duration of the game. How far you make it doesn't depend on how many points you earn to boost this or that about your car. How far you make it depends entirely on how well you use your car. This game is about skill and with enough practice, anyone can get good enough to be in the running for one of the top spots of the leader board.

ExtremeCars is one of the few racing games online that really appeals to all racing game fans regardless of skill or experience level. No matter how long you have been playing games in this genre or how good you are at them, you're going to find this game enjoyable. Those that have racked up a bit of time with other games in the genre are likely going to be used to having to dodge cars and beat a time limit. The fact that you're able to jump over cars might take a little getting used to but will add a fun new aspect to the game for those who are used to the same old thing with their racing games. Newcomers to the genre are going to have a bit of a hard time in the beginning, but because you don't have to worry about what place you come in in a race or navigating around twists and turns in the track, you can hone your skills and see improvement in how you perform in the game much more quickly. It won't take long for you to be able to make it much further and see a huge spike in your score which isn't true with most of the other games in the genre because most of the other games are quite a bit more complex.

The key to doing well in ExtremeCars is to focus on timing your jumps well. If you stick to one lane of the track, you'll be able to build up speed and, if you time your jump right and have enough speed, you'll be able to jump over more than one car in a lane. This will help you get closer to your next marker more quickly and will help you avoid colliding with other cars. You will inevitably collide with other cars, the trick is to recover from it as quickly as possible. Don't repeatedly ram into the other car as you try to move around it. Hit the brakes and put a little distance between your car and the other car then jump it. While the delay will hurt your time, it's much faster than trying to get around it. It's also important to make sure you keep all four of your tires on the road at all times. It's easy to miss the tires on the right or left side of your car drifting off the road if you're trying to swerve around a car so make sure you watch for it. Not having all four tires on the road is going to slow you down. Try to avoid having to swerve around cars as much as possible and stick to jumping them. It's a great option. Make sure you take advantage of it.

Overall, ExtremeCars is a racing game unlike most of the other racing games online. You get to race a Lamborghini through the desert and jump over cars. What's not to love? Perfect for beginners and advanced players alike, this is one of the more accessible games in the genre without being so basic it's boring. This is a challenging game without being frustrating or overly intense. It's a great game to kill a little time with but don't be too surprised when you find yourself playing game after game. It's definitely addictive but that's really part of it's appeal. Whether you're a die hard fan of racing games or someone just looking for a fun way to pass the time, check this game out. You'll have a blast.