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Extreme Trucks I Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using the down arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key.

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Extreme Trucks I Walkthrough

Extreme Trucks I is the sort of racing game you're either going to love or hate. It isn't a traditional racing game in that you aren't facing off against other trucks and racing around a typical track. This change in format can prove either appealing or discouraging for racing game fans. Many experienced racing game players are going to love the fact that they're given the chance to do things differently than usual which may actually prove to be the biggest draw for this game for those players. It doesn't feel boring or tired right from the beginning like many of the game in the genre. You're challenged to think outside of the box and try something new. Whether or not you're successful on this venture will depend on how careful you are and how well you can pay attention to the road ahead of you. The truth is, this game can be a lot more difficult because of the fact that it's so different from the racing games you're likely used to playing. Newcomers are actually going to be at a bit of an advantage here as their lack of experience can make it easier for them to pick up the new controls. Of course, that can also make it a bit more difficult to do well in other racing games down the line, for for this game, being a newcomer can really work in your favor.

The premise behind Extreme Trucks I is pretty basic. You're behind the wheel of a monster truck that you need to drive from the starting point on the left side of the screen to the finish line. Your goal is to make it through the level in one piece as quickly as you can. Getting through the level in one piece isn't nearly as easy as it sounds though thanks to the rough terrain you'll be driving over as well as a variety of obstacles you'll face along the way. If you land upside down or get crushed by an object you will lose one of the four monster trucks you're given to complete all nine levels in the game. Although there are only nine levels to complete before you beat the game, those levels aren't easy from the very beginning and only get more difficult as you progress. Beating this game isn't an easy task, but that's what makes the game so addictive. It's also what makes the game so frustrating. Patience really is a virtue and if it's not a virtue you've been blessed with, you may want to consider another game because this one will drive you crazy. It definitely isn't a game for those who are easily frustrated as you'll find yourself wanting to give up fairly quickly in the game. With patience though, this game can be beaten. Unless you're skilled at this type of racing game, beating it will take a little time, but it's worth it. The difficulty you face along the way will make conquering this beast so much sweeter.

You can struggle and struggle to get over a tough obstacle in Extreme Trucks I only to crash moments after you make it over. Crashing takes you back to the beginning of the level which means you'll have to get over that tough obstacle again. Learn from your mistakes. Look at where you went wrong the last time and do everything you can to avoid making the same mistake again. That's really the best way to get through this game. Analyze your performance. Pay attention to what you're doing right and what you're getting wrong. Some obstacles will require a little more speed while others need to be approached more slowly. You'll be able to see this in the very first level. There is a steep hill near the beginning of the game you'll need to hit with a fair bit of speed if you want to make it to the top. If you don't have enough speed initially, back up and try again. Remember though, your truck has huge tires which can make it difficult to control. Speed is needed but so is caution. When you're going over the obstacles leading up to the hill, you can't really slow down because you need that speed to make it up the hill. Instead of slowing down, focus on keeping your truck balanced. Use your directional arrow keys to correct your position even if you're in the air. Balancing your truck while it's airborne is fairly important. It makes for less work when you land and helps you keep control.

There is no time limit on the levels in Extreme Trucks I, but there is a time bonus available for each level. If you finish before that time bonus runs out you'll get an excellent point score. The amount of time you have is shown at the top right of the game screen and it will begin counting down as soon as the level starts. If you're a high score enthusiast, trying for the time bonus is a great idea, but only if you don't sacrifice caution for more speed. The time bonus is great and will go along way toward helping you get a high score, but it will be of little use if you lose the game because you've destroyed all of your trucks. Those that are having trouble keeping their truck under control and are having a hard time even making it through the first level should ignore the time bonus completely. A high score is nice, but beating the game is much better. Once you've beat all nine levels a few times - or at the very least have beaten all nine levels once - you can go back and try for those time bonuses and a high score. You'll be a little more familiar with the obstacles you'll face and the terrain you're driving on so you'll have an advantage. Getting a high score if fairly hard but not impossible for advanced players.

Overall, Extreme Trucks I is an addictive, entertaining and frustrating monster truck racing game that will thrill some players and drive other players mad. Which category you fall into will depend on your skill level and how much patience you have. Just about anyone can have a good time with this game. Even those that eventually give up out of frustration will have fun for a while. The graphics in this game are one of the best things about the game. They're entertaining without being distracting. The backdrops keep the game interesting even though they're not really necessary. The challenge of the game is more than enough to keep you playing. If you're a fan of driving games or racing games you need to give this one a shot. It might not be for you but it is well worth trying anyway.