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Drive Controls

Use the arrow keys to steer your vehicle and drive both forwards and backwards. Each race consists of two laps; make sure you hit each checkpoint before you run out of time, or you'll have to restart the race.

  • Rating: 4.02/5

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Drive Walkthrough

Drive is a relatively simple flash game that any gamer can enjoy. By using the arrow keys, you'll make your way through five unique levels - if you can keep up with the clock, that is. Along every level, there will be a series of checkpoints you have to touch (or drive past) in order to keep going. If you miss a checkpoint, or don't drive past one in time, it's game over.

There are five levels in Drive, and each level consists of two laps. Although the races may seem short, Drive isn't about high-speed racing; it's about accurate driving. This game gives a top-down perspective that's hard to get used to at first. Instead of seeing where you're going, you'll only be able to see where you are - and the direction the game tells you to drive in. Not only does it make for interesting gameplay, but it makes for a hectic race as well.

As the levels go on, Drive gets just as difficult as any other racing game out there. The curves become more intense and the checkpoints become harder to reach. To any fan out there that loves racing, it's a lot of fun - but for those who aren't up for the challenge, it's almost tedious.

With tons of checkpoints to reach and loads of races to complete, Drive is a whole lot of fun for any racing fan. There are plenty of other racing games online that are much more complex than Drive, but this racing game doesn't have to be complex to be fun. All in all, you won't have to worry about customizable cars or custom tracks - you'll only have to focus on driving.