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Drift Runners 2 Controls

Accelerate using the up arrow key. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key. Activate turbo when turbo meter is full using 'x' or 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.52/5

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Drift Runners 2 Walkthrough

Drift Runners 2 is an excellent drifting racing game that will put your racing skills to the test with twenty-four tracks and forty levels of intense racing fun. This isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination but experienced players are going to love the challenge. For newcomers to the drifting racing game genre, this game is likely going to be a little on the difficult side in the beginning but the controls are easy enough to use and understand that even beginners will be able to get the hang of it even if they have a little trouble getting through the levels. The goal in each level of the game is to accomplish the achievements required to move on to the next race. The achievements are different in each race. Most will require you to finish the race in a certain position but unlike other racing games online, that does not necessarily mean you have to come in first to advance. Beginners will want to read the achievements you need to do carefully and focus on the easiest one first. You won't always be required to meet all of the level goals to move on so sometimes, you won't need to complete the harder ones at all. Once you've gotten a better idea of how the game is played and learned to control your car a bit more, you can go back and take on the challenges you missed the first time around. Experienced players, on the other hand, might want to tackle the harder ones first to increase the difficulty level. After all, Who doesn't love a challenge?

When you start out in Drift Runners 2 you have your basic car. The basic car is great and it'll get you through the first few levels fairly easily but as you reach certain achievements though, you will unlock new cars and upgrades for those cars. To look at your options or to change the color of your car, visit the garage from the main menu. The option to change the color of your car really doesn't do anything for your performance in the game, but it does give the game a more personal, individualized feel which is always nice. As you unlock new cars, take them for a test drive. Try them out on tracks you've already completed to really get a feel for how they perform. If you try them out on a completely new track, you're probably not really going to be able to judge how the car is doing. Choose something a little more familiar and compare it with how your other car handled on that track. With this in mind, you can choose the best car for each race you take on and have a better chance of coming out on top.

Drift Runners 2 is really all about drifting. To initiate a drift during the race, turn sharply. It's easiest to do this on a wide corner although tight corners work if you have a bit of skill. Build up a decent amount of speed, hit the turn and you'll start drifting. If you can excute a long, fast drift you'll earn bonus points and add to your turbo meter. You only earn more points and turbo if you complete the drift without crashing into walls or scenery along the edge of the track. If you crash, your drift is over and you won't get anything for your attempt. For that reason, it's important to be careful. Make sure you have enough room to complete a drift and give yourself enough time to go into it and come out of it without crashing. To do that, you're really going to need to be aware of your surroundings. Just pay attention and stay in control of your car as much as you can. Drifts are important if you want to get a good score and want to fill your turbo meter so don't shy away from them because they're risky. Just be careful and you should be fine. This might be a bit harder for newcomers than for more advanced racing game players, but with a little practice, anyone can master the art of drifting in this game. Have patience and you'll get it. Besides, when a game is this fan, practice isn't really a problem.

Drifting isn't the only way to fill up your turbo meter in Drift Runners 2 and getting that meter full is important. Using turbo will help you get a better overall time on your race and therefore get a better score. While drifting is a fun way to build up a good turbo bonus you can also crash into destructible objects (crates, sandcastles and things of that nature) throughout the course and use ramps to get air. Basically, anything that displays your driving skills will help you fill up your turbo meter. Ramps are especially beneficial as they not only give you a turbo bonus, but they also help you cover more ground more quickly which will also help you keep your time down. Destructible objects are great but make sure the object you're trying to crash into is destructible. If not, you'll hurt your score, your car and your time.

Overall, Drift Runners 2 is an excellent drifting racing game that will keep your attention from the beginning to end. The graphics are great and most of the tracks are pretty difficult. The real draw here, though, is the achievements. Instead of simply having to finish the race or finish the race in first place, you have to take out objects are the track, show off your driving skills and a variety of other neat things if you want to progress. As with most racing games online, upgrades are important in Drift Runners 2. If you want to get a good score and get all of the achievements (there are eighty in total) you'll need to make sure you upgrade your cars. There are many excellent upgrades available and you can find them in the garage as well. Focus on the upgrades you need the most first. Although it's always tempting to buy everything you can, you'll need to save a little bit of money for later levels. This game really offers something for everyone, even if newcomers might feel a bit overwhelmed when they first start playing, just stick with it. Even beginners can beat the game if they put in enough time and practice.