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Drift Runners Controls

Accelerate with the up arrow key. Turn left with the left arrow key. Turn right with the right arrow key.

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Drift Runners is an entertaining and addictive drift racing game that will grab your attention from the very beginning and hold it to the very end. This isn't an easy game, though, so beginners are going to have a bit of a hard time with it. In truth, even those with a little more experience with drift racing games are going to find this one challenging. Not only is this game going to put your racing skills to the test, but it's also going to require you to work toward objectives to get the best score you can get. The graphics aren't the best graphics you'll find in drift racing games, but they're far from the worst. What makes this game so addictive, though, is the truly challenging nature of the races. You have to have some level of racing skills to get anywhere in this game. The game isn't impossible, though, even for beginners, as long as you take your time to get a feel for the game. You can try each track as many times as you need to, so don't stress yourself out trying to beat the first track your first time through. Get as many coins as you can (coins are generally along the side of the track) to purchase the upgrades you need to make your race go more smoothly and focus on the objectives first. Going for objectives will give you a chance to become more familiar with each track and get used to what it will take to control your car. While the game sounds complicated it's really not once you get the basic idea.

In Drift Runners, unlike most other racing games online, your goal isn't simply to finish the race. While you only have to finish each race in first place to progress to the next level - although that task alone can be quite difficult to pull off - you'll need to complete the five objectives if you want to pass each level with five stars. Every objective you complete will earn you a star. Getting all five will require skill and, in most cases, repeating the level at least once. For example, the objectives for the first track are to finish in under one hundred seconds, to destroy fifteen objects, to reach a total skid of five hundred, to complete the race without leaving the road once and to complete the race without hitting a single road object. If you have decent racing skills you should be able to get the required time, the fifteen objects and the total skid objectives in a single race, but clearly you won't be able to get the clean race objective and the destroy fifteen objects objective in the same race. Divide the objectives up. Group them together into groups of what you could conceivably accomplish in one race and work toward achieving them from there. The clean race objective could be grouped with the stay on the road objective, the time objective and the total skid objective, but it will be extremely hard to skid without hitting objects. It will also be hard to stay on the road going fast enough to reach the one hundred second time goal. The best bet here is to work on the stay on the road and clean race objectives. You can take your time a little more and focus on your goals. Grouping the objectives together allows you to work toward more than one at once which means you'll have to race the same track fewer times; assuming, of course, that you're able to get that first place finish you need to move on.

Upgrades are an important part of Drift Runners as are the upgrades in most of the drift racing games online. The real difference with this game is that upgrades are pretty simple and not all that hard to afford if you're a good racer. Since you earn the money for upgrades by collecting the coins along the side of the track, you can more or less determine how much money you earn for each race. Upgrades are available in four categories; acceleration, steering, top speed and lightness. Focus on the area you need the most work in first. For example, if you are finding it hard to get through the race with a decent time, try upgrading your acceleration and top speed. Both of these things will greatly improve your finish time as long as you're still able to keep your car under control. While crashing doesn't end the game, it does hurt your time, especially since there is no reverse option. If you get stuck in a corner, it's going to take you a while to get out. Even so, if your car has good acceleration and a good top speed, getting stuck in a corner may not be enough to prevent you from getting a first place finish. Newcomers may want to take a few cash building races on the first track before they try to reach objectives or come in first to advance to the next track. This will allow you to get a little experience but will also give you the chance to collect as much money as you can to buy the upgrades you need to give yourself a better chance at getting those stars and coming in first in the race. As long as you focus on your weakest areas first, you should be fine.

The key to doing well in Drift Runners is to take advantage of the upgrades, group together objectives but still focus on the racing. Objectives are great and the upgrades offer a lot of benefit, but if your racing is sloppy, you're not going to do very well. Although taking corners with as much speed as possible will definitely get you around the corner more quickly, there's also a good chance you'll lose control of your car. If you're neck and neck with the next racer ahead of you, the last thing you want to do is lose control. Back off the speed a little bit on sharp turns. You'll still be able to get a decent drift if you're careful, but you'll also have a better chance of staying on the road. When you're going after an objective that involves either staying on the track or not hitting objects, speed is your enemy. Take your time and focus on where you're going. You might not be able to drift as well and you certainly won't break any time records, but you'll have a much easier time of getting that objective and the start that goes with it. In addition, if you're going for a high score, it's always a good idea to take at least one trip around the track that is dedicated solely to causing as much destruction as you can. You get points for hitting things so just drive around and hit all of the road objects (pylons, barricades, snow men, etc) you can. If one of the objectives for the level is to destroy a certain number of objects, so above and beyond that number. You'll get your star and also a whole lot of bonus points.

Overall, Drift Runners is a difficult and entertaining drift racing game that will challenge you to be the best drift racer you can be. While newcomers will have trouble with the game from the very beginning, those with more experience may find the first few races a bit on the easy side. The addition of objectives and a five point score system will give more experienced players something extra to shoot for and will make the game a little more entertaining. Those experienced players who are looking for a real challenge should strive to finish every level in this game with all five stars. It won't be easy but that's what makes it so much fun. Newcomers to the genre may want to focus on just trying to come in first when they first begin playing as the objectives can be pretty tricky. You can always go back and try for any stars you missed the first time through if you're having trouble with the more difficult levels later in the game or have beaten the game and want to see those five star indicators on each race.