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DragonBall Kart Controls

DragonBall Kart is controlled by using the keyboard. Hold the right arrow key to accelerate and use the up arrow key to jump. The spacebar is used to execute your special move and the enter key activates items.

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DragonBall Kart Walkthrough

DragonBall Kart is a racing game based on the world famous anime series, Dragon Ball Z. This kart game features sprite graphics, extremely simple controls, and four racers to choose from.

The objective of DragonBall Kart is similar to that of the anime (well, the original anime, at least): attain the seven Dragon Balls. Instead of fighting for them using martial arts and ki attacks, you will be racing for them. If you manage to finish each race in first place, the Dragon Balls will be yours!

The four characters that you can choose to play as in this racing game are Son Goku (also known as just Goku, the star of the show), Picollo, Vegeta, and Mr. Satan (many American viewers may know this character as Hercule). The characters all perform the same, with the only difference being their graphics. This makes the game balanced, but fans of the show might be upset to see Mr. Satan (Hercule) best Goku in a race. Well, it is a go-kart race after all, not a martial arts tournament, so that might explain this possibility. Choose your favorite character (unfortunately for me, Krillin isn't a choice) to begin the race.

DragonBall Kart uses a simple set of keyboard controls. The right arrow key is used to accelerate and the up arrow key is used to jump. There is no braking in this racing game; a true warrior never brakes. Press the enter key to use items that you collect (similar to Mario Kart) and the spacebar to fire your special attack. In the anime, ki blasts could wipe out entire towns, but in this kart game, they (as well as Mr. Satan/Hercule's laughter) only freeze your opponents temporarily. Be careful because the AI loves to exploit their beam attacks. To avoid them, it is best to get as high as possible, jumping from platform to platform when possible. Also, waiting until your competitors have fired their beams, before firing yours will give you a major advantage.

DragonBall Kart isn't the best kart game, but it is good for killing time. Children and fans of the Dragon Ball franchise may also appreciate this racing game.