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Drag Racer v3 Controls

Spacebar accelerates, N is nitrous boost, up and down keys change gears.

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Drag Racer v3 Walkthrough

Drag racing, a straight line race between two cars from point A to point B, with success hinging on who hits their top speed first, and keeps it there. Drag Racer v3 gives you a large selection of cars, opponents, and fine-tunable racing conditions.

Of course you can't just floor it and hope for the best, cars in Drag Racer v3 work on a manual gear, which will be over the heads of quite a few Americans who are used to Automatics. The middle gauge is the RPM, if it gets to the red zone, you have to change gears which increases the resistance of the engine to prevent it from blowing. If you increase it too early, the momentum of the engine wont be enough to handle the new resistance. If you are in the red zone for too long regardless of what gear you're in, your engine will blow and the race will be over.

Arcade Mode is a sandbox that lets you pick any condition you want, while Tuner is the full experience of working your way up from a guy with 50 grand and no car to a multi-millionaire racer. In Tuner, you have the following options. Garage lets you view and edit your collection of cars, change their specs, tune them up, or paint them with different colors.

Dealer is where you can pick out what car you want to dominate the entire racing world with, you have a huge selection of makes, models, and colors to choose from. It's best to try out cars in Arcade mode first so you have an idea of what kind of car works best for you, since you're not exactly high on money early on.

Store allows you to buy upgrades for your car, such as engine parts, cosmetic changes, and so on to build the ultimate racer. If you're looking for paint jobs, those are under Garage.

ShowOff lets you do just that, show off your car and somehow get an amount of credits and visitors. The overall performance of your car as well as its looks has a major impact on this, so invest in some good dealings for maximum cash. You might even want to build a prize car that doesn't race but instead earns money from people staring at it.

In racing, you have three modes, Fun which is a race with no wins or losses, Wager where you put up a certain amount of credits as a prize for winning, and Pink Slip where you bet your car against another racer. Pink Slip is the best way to get cars, but they are only taken up by the overall best racers so don't get too over-confident.

Tournament is taking part in races for prize money at no cost except for time. Once you clear a tournament, you win both the prize money and a new car you can keep or sell depending on whenever you want it or not. Just keep in mind that cars sell for jack.