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Drag Race Demon 2 Controls

Click the arrow and drag it to the right with the mouse and the left mouse button to accelerate. Use the up and down arrow keys to switch gears. Use 'shift' to get a Nitrous Oxide Boost (once you've purchased this upgrade).

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Drag Race Demon 2 Walkthrough

Race through twelve challenging races to become the Drag Race Demon champion in Drag Race Demon 2, the second installment in this exciting, fast paced drag racing game. This isn't your typical racing game though - not by a long shot. You're not just driving around the twists and turns on an asphalt track. This is a drag race - it's just you and your opponent in a high speed race to the finish line along a completely straight track. There are no twists and turns. There are no obstacles in the road. You don't have to worry about your opponent getting in your way. All you have to worry about is going as fast as you can and reaching the finish line first. It isn't an easy game by any stretch of the imagination, but it's far too much fun to pass up.

The main game screen in Drag Race Demon 2 is a bit hard to get used to for those who are used to more traditional drag racing games, but it offers all of the information you need. If you're not racing, this is the most common screen you're going to see. At the top left of the screen, you'll see your current score. Immediately below that you'll see a column of car icons. These icons represent how many lives you have left. If there are five icons, you have all of your lives left. If there are four icons, you have four lives left. Along the bottom of the screen, you'll see several different buttons you'll use throughout the game. The button on the far right will take you to the paint shop. You'll go to the paint shop to change the color and appearance of your dragster. To the right of the paint shop button is the parts shop button. This is where you'll buy new body or engine parts and new tires. To the right of the parts shop button, you'll see the engineering button. You'll click this button when you want to make modifications to your dragster's chassis, spoiler and tires. To the right of that is the orange testing track button. The testing track allows you to take your dragster for a test drive. At the far right is the green 'ready to race' button. That one's pretty self explanatory. All of these buttons are important and will likely be of great use to you throughout the game. In the center of the screen you see your dragster, how much cash you have to spend, who you'll be racing against and how much the bonus is if you win. Take all of that information into account when you're buying or tweaking parts.

The paint shop in Drag Race Demon 2 is one of the best paint shops offered by any drag racing game online. The customization options are incredible. This allows you to really personalize your car and make it your own. This makes the game feel a lot more unique and appeals to those who like to be a little more creative with their games. You can customize every aspect of the body work and even choose to add custom wheel trim. This really goes above and beyond what most other games in the genre offer and that's not even considering the multitude of colors you're given to choose from. The only real disadvantage of the paint shop is that you're not able to create a two tone custom paint job. For example, if you choose the body work design with the star, you're not able to change the color of the star. Even still, the options you do have allow you to make a dragster that looks great with only that one small limitation.

The parts shop in Drag Race Demon 2 is where you're going to be spending the money you earn in your races. Purchasing any parts that modify the chassis, spoiler or tires will allow you to modify those areas of the car in the engineering shop. If you're not familiar with cars, it's a good idea to take a trip to the engineering shop first. You'll get a little more information here about that all of the items you can purchase will improve - information you don't really get in the parts shop. Basically, if you purchase an upgrade for your spoiler, you can go into the engineering shop and adjust the position of your spoiler to better balance the length of the chassis with the size of the wheels. If you purchase upgrades for your chassis, you can go into the engineering shop and adjust the length of your chassis to boost the speed and acceleration of your dragster by making it rear up less. If you purchase upgrades for your tires, you can go into the engineering shop and adjust the size of your tires. Adjusting the size of your tires will help you control the acceleration of your dragster and give it a boost in speed. All of these things will help you immensely in your race, but make sure you don't ignore the other upgrades. Engine upgrades are obviously important. A better engine means better overall performance. Many experienced racing game players will focus on upgrading the engine first, but what you choose to upgrade will depend on your style of racing. If you need help with handling, for example, upgrading your tires and adjusting their size is going to be important for you. The bonus items (Turbo and Nitro) are great, but focus on the other upgrades first. Speed is wonderful, but only if you can keep your car under control long enough to take advantage of the speed boosts.

The test track in Drag Race Demon 2 is there for a reason. Make sure you use it. Every modification you make to your dragster will change the way your dragster performs. Make sure you take the time to take your car out for a practice run each time you buy a new upgrade or modify an existing part. This allow you to familiarize yourself with the changes in how your car performs before you're tasked with facing off against another driver. Winning is great. We all want to win. If you don't take the time to test out your car and hone your racing skills before you tackle a new opponent, you will be greatly reducing the chances you have of coming out on top. The test track is a great tool and can offer you great benefit. To make the most out of the test track, take note of the time you get on every practice run. Pay attention to where you think you went wrong. If you aren't getting the speed you want, look at how you can improve that and make any necessary adjustments. Try the car out again. If you're still not getting the performance you want to get, make more adjustments. Don't just focus on one area of the car, though. Sometimes you'll need to adjust the chassis, the spoiler and the tires to achieve peak performance. This is going to be a bit difficult for newcomers to drag racing games of this nature, but will a little practice and by paying attention to what works and what doesn't, you'll be able to get the hang of it eventually.

Drag Race Demon 2 takes a little getting used to. Whether you're an experienced drag racing game player or a newcomer to the genre, you're going to need to allow yourself a little time to adjust. The controls aren't the same as the controls you would find in most of the other racing games online. All the upgrades and adjustments in the world won't help you if you don't give yourself time to get the controls down. You need to know when to shift gears and how fast to accelerate to achieve optimal performance. The test track is great for this reason too. The test track will help you get the basics down and help you get familiar with what the game is asking of you. Although experienced players may think it isn't necessary to try out a practice run or two before taking on an opponent, they may want to reconsider. This game can be fairly difficult in the beginning, so take a little time to practice if you want to do your best.

Overall, Drag Race Demon 2 is an excellent drag racing game that will challenge you to think outside of the box traditional racing games put you in. This is a high octane fight to the finish and you'll need to have all of the upgrades and be skilled with the controls if you want to get through all twelve races to come out on top. Practice! It's important. Learn to know your car. Make your adjustments and go back and make them again if you feel like you aren't getting the outcome you want to get. This game is all about speed and endurance. Do everything you can to make your car as good as it can be but don't forget the importance of getting the controls down. If you're a fan of drag racing games or just challenging games in general, Drag Race Demon 2 is a game you can't miss. Do you have what it takes to become the Drag Race Demon? Give it a try and find out!