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Diesel And Death Controls

Nothing fancy, nothing complicated about Diesel And Death when it comes to the controls. As usual in most racing games, you need to use your directional keys for driving and racing. Hit the left and right arrow keys to move accordingly... left and right. To jump through those humps and try to dodge the hits coming from your enemy, press the up directional key. There are a lot of power ups (and I mean A LOT) you will pick up along the way. To use them just press the down arrow key or, alternatively, press the space bar. Ok, enough of the controls. Let's check out the game...

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Diesel And Death Walkthrough

If you are on the hunt for addictive racing games, those that come with nice graphics and fun game play, Diesel And Death is a game you should take a closer look at! There are 2 ways to win the race in Diesel And Death: (1) race across the junky yard and just beat Diesel (that's the name of the AI racer and you are Death) or (2) grab a power up, use it, and destroy the opponent.

YES, power ups... they are vital in this racing game. And you better be careful. Diesel can also pick up these nasty power ups and use it to blow you out of the water. Since power ups are vital in Diesel And Death, taking a closer look at the power ups available and checking out what they can do is essential in winning the races. Let's have a look...

(1) Flamethrower - mid range weapon and as the name suggests, throws out flame. The only quibble here is that you need to be behind the race to use it effectively. (2) Sludge - this is perfect for those situations where you are racing toe to toe and he's a little behind you. Using this shoots slime backward... and with enough slime, your opponent's motor will break down and crash. (3) Turbo - gives you speed boost. Need I say more? (4) Shield - when your opponent has some nasty power up under his sleeve, the shield is your best friend. This gives you temporary invulnerability.

(5) Nail Gun - rapidly fire nails with this power up and destroy his tires. Just like the flamethrower, though, you need to be behind the opponent to use it effectively as the nails are fired forward (6) Nuke - so you and your opponent are just an inch apart? Blow him away with a nuke. It's close ranged, it's devastating, and it's explosive. SWEET! (7) Grenade - toss this to send your opponent and his bike flying. (8) Repair Kit - Taking some damage? No biggie. Using the repair kit will help you refill your bike's health. HOWEVER, it's not as effective against power ups as devastating as the Nuke.

That's about it for the power ups. If you want to play it fair and not use power ups, it's all up to you. BUT you cannot expect the same from your opponent, Diesel. And come on, it's not that fun when you just want to race to the finish line. Why go the hard way when you can just toss a grenade or set your Diesel ablaze with the right power ups? That's more fun too.