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Destructotruck Controls

Begin moving forward using the right arrow key. Nudge your truck forward (if you have nudge upgrades) using the right arrow key. Nudge your truck backwards (if you have nudge upgrades) using the left arrow key. Activate smash streak rewards (if you have them unlocked) using 'space'. Use your rocket (if you have purchased a rocket and have fuel) using 'space'.

  • Rating: 4.7/5

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Destructotruck Walkthrough

Destructotruck is a unique and entertaining racing game that challenges you to travel as far as you can and cause as much destruction as you can in a single jump. Along the way you can earn money to buy several excellent upgrades for your truck, earn achievements and unlock smash streak bonuses that will enable you to cause even more destruction. The game itself is pretty easy but if you want to get the most out of the game, you're going to want to get all of the achievements. That can take a lot of time and practice and for some of the tougher achievements, you're going to want to have all of the upgrades you can buy. That in itself is going to take some time. The achievements are really what makes this game so addictive and are also one of the features offered by this game that you won't get with most of the other racing games online.

The goal of Destructotruck is pretty simple; earn as much money as you can by destroying things with your truck to buy as many upgrades as you can so you can earn all of the achievements. That isn't an easy goal to achieve but striving for it is a lot of fun. The game screen is pretty easy to understand with all of the information you need to check how well you're doing in your jump shown at the top right of the screen. 'Smash Streak' refers to how many buildings or satellites you've destroyed in a row. The higher the smash streak the more bonuses you'll get and the more money you'll earn. To the right of smash streak you'll see how fast you're going. Below smash streak and speed you'll see the height and distance of your jump. Finally, below height and distance, you'll see any smash streak bonuses you've unlocked. You can use them at any time throughout the level once they've been activated, but use them wisely. Once activated, they can only be used once. If you use them at the right time, you can improve your game significantly.

Smash Streak bonuses are one of the most unique and beneficial aspects of Destructotruck and are well worth using. You earn smash streak bonuses for reaching a certain smash streak. For example, if you destroy five buildings, you will reach a smash streak of five and unlock 'Titan's Fist'. You won't be able to use it the first time you unlock it, but the next time you reach a smash streak of at least five, you'll see a fist icon appear below your height and distance information at the top right of your screen as well as a message in the center of the screen that will let you know it's available. You can only use that bonus once but if you happen to reach a smash streak of at least five again, you'll get the bonus again and be able to use it again. It might sound a bit complicated, but once you've played for a while, you'll get the hang of it. Using a bonus will reset your smash streak so instead of using those little bonuses at the beginning of a jump wait and see if you will unlock anymore. The later bonuses, particularly 'Truck Fairy' (smash streak of 50), 'Anvil Storm' (smash streak of 80) and 'Refuel' (smash streak of 120), are well worth saving for as they can greatly extend your jump and help you rack up much more distance and much more damage. The later bonuses, Mammoth, Sonic Boom, and Armageddon are great but you're only able to have three smash streak bonuses available for each jump. Stick to Truck Fairy, Anvil Storm and Refuel until you're getting longer smash streaks on a consistent basis. You'll need a smash streak of 180 for Mammoth, 240 for Sonic Boom and 500 for Armageddon. If you're not getting smash streaks that long, you'll only be wasting your bonus slots.

The basic achievements in - 8 Mile (travel 8 miles), Ice Climber (reach a height of .25 miles), Road Runner (reach a speed of over 250MPH), Bulldozer (get a smash streak of 25), Pro (get a score of 100,000), Petrolhead (destroy a gas station) and Leap Frog (travel 1 mile without bouncing) - are pretty easy to get and more players will get most of them either with no upgrades or with only basic upgrades. More advanced achievements, though will require you to have more advanced upgrades. Focus on getting the easier achievements first and only get the upgrades you absolutely need. This will help you save up money and allow you to buy multiple advanced upgrades at once which will give you the chance of getting multiple advanced achievements at once. The distance and height achievements are fairly easy to get if you time the beginning of your jump well. Try to take off as soon as the light turns green. You'll get a lot more speed heading down the ramp. Also remember to continue accelerating as you drive. If you stop holding the right arrow key, you'll lose speed. If you lose speed and lose height and distance on your jump it will be a lot harder to get your achievements. If you have a rocket upgrade or any of the additional upgrades to the rocket, use it to get more height at the beginning of the jump by pressing space about halfway down the ramp. This gives you a little time to build speed without completely exhausting your fuel supply which you can use later to extend your run. Just remember, if you're thinking about using your additional fuel later in the run, make sure your truck is pointing upwards or you'll waste the last of your fuel. Try to use it right after destroying a propane truck or a gas station to get even more height.

Overall, Destructotruck isn't a racing game in the traditional sense of the term. Instead of facing off against other opponents to try to reach the finish line first, you're instead challenged to move as quickly as you can down the ramp to get the most height and distance on your jump as possible. The faster you race down the ramp the more height you'll get off the end of the ramp. More height means more distance and more distance means moving closer to unlocking more achievements. If you want to get all of the achievements, you'll need to purchase upgrades. That can take a while but it's worth it. Considering earning money is so much fun in this game, it should really be that much of a challenge to do. This is a great racing game you'll have a blast playing regardless of your skill or experience level. The controls are easy so beginners won't feel overwhelmed while more experienced racing game players will love the chance to do something a little different. If you're a fan of racing games or are just looking for a fun new game to kill a little time with, give this one a try. You won't regret it.