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Cyclo Maniacs Controls

Accelerate using 'w' or the up arrow key. Brake or reverse using 's' or the down arrow key. Lean back using 'a' or the left arrow key. Lean forward using 'd' or the right arrow key. Jump using 'x' or 'space'. Blow horn (if you have the horn unlocked for the rider) with 'b'.

  • Rating: 4.62/5

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Cyclo Maniacs Walkthrough

Cyclo Maniacs is an engrossing and addictive motorcycle racing game that offers twenty different characters, twenty different tracks and twenty different horns you can unlock as you race on twenty-six different tracks. Your goal is simple - become the ultimate racer and reign supreme over all of the other racers on the track. It isn't the easiest motorcycle racing game online, but it also isn't the most difficult. This one really offers something for everyone regardless of skill or experience level which is just one of the things that makes this game so appealing. You'll want to keep playing just to see what comes next. With unique and entertaining graphics, the difficult tracks and the multitude of characters this game offers everything you could ever want in a motorcycle racing game and will keep you coming back for more game after game. The game uses standard motorcycle racing game controls that are pretty easy to pick up so newcomers to the genre shouldn't have too much trouble getting the hang of playing the game. Playing the game well and accomplishing the objectives you need to accomplish to unlock new levels and new riders with new vehicles is a bit of a different story but that is true for experienced players as well as beginners. It can be a hard game, but one that is well worth checking out.

Cyclo Maniacs can be a bit on the complicated side for someone who is used to playing more traditional motorcycle racing games where your goal is merely to finish the race. That isn't the case in this game. At the beginning of each new track, you'll be given a list of achievements you need to accomplish to unlock new things in the game. The first achievement usually gives you access to the next track in the world you're currently on. The second achievement usually gives you access to a whole new world while the third achievement usually gives you access to a new character with a new vehicle. Try out each new character you unlock and see which one you like the most. Trying out new characters also gives you the chance to see the strengths and weaknesses of the new character and the new vehicle. This is especially beneficial in later levels when things get a little more difficult. Pay close attention to the 'stunt meter' at the top right of the screen. Perform tricks and get air time off of jumps to fill up the stunt meter. Once it is full, you'll notice the 'boost meter' (at the top center of the screen) will also fill up. Filling the boost meter will allow you to move much more quickly which helps you place better at the finish line. The boost meter will slowly run out but if you continue to perform tricks and are able to full up your stunt meter again, you'll get a 'boost multiplyer'. The boost multiplyer will allow your boost to last longer. You can get a boost multiplyer up to five times your starting boost. In some levels, getting a boost multiplyer will be an achievement you need accomplish to unlock something. For that reason, it's important to try to get the multiplyers. If you try to get them when you don't actually need them, you will be more prepared to get them when you need them for an achievement.

The great thing about Cyclo Maniacs is the attention that went into making this game engrossing and entertaining. While the graphics aren't especially great for a motorcycle racing game, there is more than enough in the game to keep you playing. You can earn trick points for doing Somersaults and Wheelies which will help you fill up your stunt meter. The more you do, the more trick points you get. The more trick points you get, the fuller your stunt meter will be. Forward somersaults and front wheelies are worth more points, but they're a bit harder to perform. The goal is to execute the somersault or wheelie without crashing so you really need to be able to keep control of your bike while performing the trick. That is much harder to do when performing a forward trick instead of a backward one. That said, it's well worth the effort. Wheelies are a bit easier to handle than somersaults simply because you don't have to leave the ground to perform the trick. The key to landing somersaults is to make sure you have enough room to land it successfully before you even begin to attempt the jump. Double somersaults will ears you a huge trick point bonus, but you'll need to have a lot of room to land them without crashing. You need to complete tricks to do well in the game, but trying to do tricks you won't be able to land won't do you much good at all. You won't get any bonus points and you'll also wind up further back in the race.

As with most motorcycle racing games, upgrades are extremely important in Cyclo Maniacs. You are given the chance to purchase upgrades between every level so make sure you take advantage of them. You can purchase upgrades with the money you earn for completing a race or for unlocking achievements. The position you finish in at the end of a race will determine how much money you earn for the actual race (not including any money you earn for achievements). Coming in third place will earn you $25 while a second place finish will earn you $50. A first place finish - which is not an easy thing to accomplish - will reward you with $100. In addition, you will also earn $200 for every achievement unlock. If you can complete all three achievements in each level, you can earn as much as $600 for achievements alone. You can purchase upgrades to your top speed, acceleration, brakes, boost, and spin - all areas that will help you significantly in the game. Each area of your performance can be upgraded up to ten times, but each new level of upgrade will cost more than the one before it. Once you get passed a certain point in your upgrades, you'll need to earn a lot of money to continue. You can go back and replay old levels you did well on to earn more cash to purchase more upgrades. This is likely the best way to get ahead in the game. Choosing to get your upgrades will get your closer to that first place finish and make getting those achievements you need to get a lot less difficult.

Overall, Cyclo Maniacs is an excellent motorcycle racing game that offers a little something for every motorcycle racing game fan regardless of skill or experience level. The fact that you can choose to use either arrow key or 'wasd' control schemes allows you to play the way you find most comfortable and makes the game even more accessible to a wider audience. While the actual racing may come a bit easy to more experienced players, the achievements add a whole new level of difficulty to the game and give avid players something to strive for. Newcomers will appreciate the ease of use in the controls and the fact that even if they aren't able to unlock all of the levels, all of the worlds or all of the racers, the game will still be a lot of fun. Focus on earning money for upgrades, doing tricks to fill your stunt meter and getting those boosts and boost multipliers and you should be able to do well in this game. Although it can be hard and a bit frustrating, the game is well worth the time and the effort spent playing it. This is a must play game for any fan of motorcycle racing games.