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Cyber Race 2 multiplayer Controls

Accelerate using 'space' or 'shift'. Turn left using the left arrow key. Turn right using the right arrow key.

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Cyber Race 2 multiplayer Walkthrough

Cyber Race 2 Multiplayer is a fairly basic yet completely addictive online racing game in which your only goal is to get around the track as fast as you can, navigating all of the twists and turns you're faced with along the way. The graphics are simple but high resolution so the game looks great yet still plays smoothly without lagging on most computers and despite the rather simplistic premise, the track is fairly difficult to navigate. It can be quite difficult to keep your car under control and on the track without running into walls. The great thing is though, that crashing does not mean your game is over even though getting stuck against a wall will definitely hurt your time.

Cyber Race 2 Multiplayer uses the same controls as most of the other racing games online with one key exception. Instead of using the up arrow key to accelerate and the down arrow key to brake or reverse, you use 'shift' or 'space' to accelerate and braking or reversing aren't options at all. For anyone that has any experience with racing games, this is going to take a little getting used to. Don't be surprised if you find yourself hitting the up and down arrow keys several times when you first begin playing. Old habits die hard after all. This one minor change makes all the difference. Since you're not able to reverse your car, getting stuck against a wall or in a corner can pose problems at first. You need to turn your car using the arrow keys and then accelerate. It'll get you out of your jam and help prevent you for hurting your time too much.

Experienced online racing game players aren't really going to find Cyber Race 2 Multiplayer all that difficult but they'll still have a lot of fun playing. The ability to see the top ten all time best scores other players have gotten (shown in the panel on the right side of the screen) will ensure they're constantly challenged to try to meet or beat those times. In addition, at the top of the center of the screen you are shown your current lap time and your best lap time so even if a record breaking finish time isn't within your reach, you can still try to best yourself. Experienced players are also going to love the simplicity of this game. In a genre dominated by flash, upgrades and other assorted extras, Cyber Race 2 Multiplayer is all about the race and the time - nothing more. The graphics couldn't be more basic and that's really what gives this game a lot of its appeal. There are no fancy backgrounds or distracting animations allowing you to focus on the track and getting a good score.

Newcomers to online racing games are going to enjoy Cyber Race 2 Multiplayer as well. The simple set up means there are no distracting and you're able to really focus on improving your driving skills and work on learning how to control your car. For that reason, this is a great primer game to get you ready for some of the more difficult racing games online. It's important to remember the slight difference in controls between this game and many of the other racing games online. Don't rely too heavily on this game as training because it is a bit different. Instead, use this game to better learn how to handle different kinds of turns and how to get a decent amount of speed without losing control of your car. The game is great for that and can prove to be a beneficial tool for the novice racing game player.

Overall, Cyber Race 2 Multiplayer is an excellent racing game that any fan of the genre needs to take a shot at. The record times shown right on the game screen in an attractive addition to the game and goes well with the ability to see your own stats for the game. You can really track your progress and see how close you are to getting one of those record times and strive to achieve one. It is within your grasp if you're willing to take a litle time to play the game. The more familiar you are with the track the better you will do. You'll get used to where the turns are and if you learn from your mistakes, will be able to improve your time significantly. This game really offers something for every racing game fan from the beginner to the advanced player and is well worth taking the time to check out. This game is simplicity at its best and proves substance over style is a motto worth remembering.